How to Watch Movies on HDTV Stored on External Hard Drive

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This article will explain how to Watch Movies on HDTV. An external hard drive is great when you’re collecting movies. It allows you to store dozens or even hundreds of movies, clips and films. This is much more convenient than DVD or Blu-ray that only allows you to store one movie per disc, and you can easily switch from one movie to the next without having to get up to change the disc.

To Watch Movies on HDTV from your external hard drive isn’t difficult, but it can get frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Some HDTVs and external hard drives are incompatible. If you have incompatible hardware that doesn’t work together, then you won’t get video playback easily. Read this article to find out more about playing videos from your hard drive on your HDTV.

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Watch Movies on HDTV

Required Equipment

You don’t really need any special cables or hardware, but you do need a HDTV and external hard drive that are compatible with each other. The first thing you need to ensure is that your HDTV is capable of supporting an external hard drive. This is becoming more popular, but there are still many models that don’t have this functionality. You can typically find out if your HDTV is compatible or not by looking through the user manual.

You must ensure the same of the external hard drive. Most hard drives can play video once they are connected to the HDTV, but there are some that won’t. You need to read the user manual for more information, or you should consult a sales representative or the Internet for more information on this because it is a model-by-model case.

Proper Video Format

Most HDTVs have a specific list of video formats that it can play. For example, one HDTV might be able to play MP4, while another might play MKV. It is best to have a video converter to convert your existing movies to the proper format. While there are many free converters, it’s best to use a paid one. This is because most free ones have limited functionality, and they tend to leave a watermark.

Video conversion is easy. Just open the program, tell it what format you want the videos converted to and drag the videos into the program. It will do the rest for you. Then you just need to put those files on the hard drive so that you can play them on the HDTV.

Connect the Hard Drive

Connecting a hard drive to an HDTV is very simple, and typically requires a common USB cable. Just connect one end of the cable to the hard drive, the other to the HDTV and then it should start playing the movies. You might need to select the hard drive from the HDTV’s menu depending on its interface, but other HDTVs might start playing the movies as soon as you connect the hard drive.


Playing movies from an external hard drive is easy, and there is very little work involved. You just need to ensure that the hard drive and HDTV are compatible, convert the videos into the proper format with a video converter program and then connect the hard drive with a USB cable. This should just take you a few minutes, and then you will be able to play all the movies you want.

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