Finding a Good Tape Drive Repair Company


Tape drive which is primarily used for data backup, storage and archiving purposes, is still in use , alive and kicking. But, what if the tape drive which you have been using with so much trust , starts to malfunction. Your trusted storage technology requires good hands and finding a company which has the knowledge to handle and repair tape drives is a tough task.


What you should look into the company

The company which is offering Tape drive storage technology should be able to provide the assurance that the tape drive which is being supplied to your company is of highest quality and will function exactly in the way intended. There are serious losses due to tape drive malfunction, downtime or data loss. Company providing the service should understand the implications of downtime on your business.

Specialty is another factor. The company from which you are purchasing the tape drive should be able to provide the expertise in tape drive technology, its service and repair. They should be able to help you safeguard your data while maintaining the minimum disruption and downtime for the tape drives.

The provider of tape drive should also offer a minimum warranty of 6 months on all tape drive repairs. They should have the confidence to offer free service and should be able to provide the longer repair warranties on request.

The tape drive providers should be local. It is always comfortable and assuring to have the real people in your country, be able to provide the service and maintenance. So if you live in New Zealand, look for companies which provides tape drive and is located in New Zealand. Having a local provider also ensures that you can just simply send your broken tape drive or tape autoloader to the company to get repaired at their repair centre along with your contact details.

Price is another important factor to consider while selecting a tape drive repair company. They should be able to quote fair price for the repair work of tape drives. But, more than the fairness, though that is important, the pricing of repair work should be fixed with no-obligation assessments. The company should offer tape drive repair cost before every tape drive repair, unless the pricing is previously agreed upon. This will give you the freedom to decline a repair work, if the pricing seems too high.

Most importantly a good tape drive repair company is one which treat your tape drive as their own. Because the data onto that drive is of extreme importance to you and you cannot take the liberty to go for a tape drive repair company which don’t realize the sensitivity of the data being recovered and the losses which you incur because of the downtime or data loss.

The tape repair company should clean or replace your tape drive’s cosmetic components like, handles, enclosures or bezels. The packaging material which is being used should be of high quality materials like sealed ESD protective bags.

Where to find a good Tape Drive for data storage

Finding a good tape drive repair company is not an easy process. CXP is one such tape drive repair company which not only provides the best tape drives in the industry sourced from the top manufacturers like IBM, HP, Dell, Sony etc. But also provides world class tape drive repair solutions. They provide warranty with their product. Extended warranty is another feature of their service.

Pricing for the repair work is fixed and fair. Most importantly they provides the assurance and peace of mind to their customers. So, to purchase a tape drive data storage solution of repair tape drive, CXP can be the best tape drive solution for you.

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