The Different Oil Mist Collection Technologies

Oil Mist Collector

Oil mist is basically a mixture of microscopic oil droplets that have been combined with clean air at the ratio of about 1:2, 00,000. These are more useful than the liquid oil in several ways. Collecting oil mist has been taking place since long. However, the advancements in technology over time have led to the development and use of various distinctive ways of extracting and collecting oil mist all this while.

Oil Mist Collector

This is because oil mist is a beneficial product in many ways. Oil mist has better lubricant properties that make sure that you do not have to go for maintenance every now and then and you do not have to rely on operators for checking and filling housings with oil. Oil mist lubrication is used in petrochemical plants and in housing as well.

Oil mist systems

The incredibly simple oil mist systems today are far more dependable than the traditional oil application methods from the old times. Many previous systems for the same that were popular during the mid-1980s are not being used today. Though, we can think of them again since many of those systems prevent the excessive oil mist to escape into the atmosphere and thus, also prevented polluting the air.

Oil mist filtration and extraction units

There exist several oil mist filtration and extraction units in several manufacturing sectors all around the world. These are mostly found in the manufacturing sectors where oil mist is produced as a byproduct of metal working and the other commonly performed production processes.

Oil Mist Collectors

Oil mist collectors not only enhance the health of the employees but also help in benefiting your machining equipment. You do not need to invest a lot of money in the installation of these oil mist collectors. Here, we talk about some of the most used technologies that collect oil mist. These are some of the best technologies for collecting oil mist and you can make use of any of them.

The Centrifugal Mist Collectors

These mist collector’s works by using the rotating filter element that helps in transforming the trapped mist back into larger droplets. These droplets then get free of the filter drum and move towards the inside wall of the casing. The liquefied oil is then forced to traverse along the walls to an opening by utilizing high velocity air. This is where all the excess oil is driven and drained out through that opening.

The Cartridge Mist Collectors

The cartridge mist collectors are also known as media filter mist eliminators. These use a HEPA type filter to filter out industrial mist and smoke oil. These collectors are known for the simple filtration process that they utilize in getting and collecting oil mist.

The Electrostatic Precipitator Mist Collectors

These oil mist collectors use high voltage to charge and collect the smaller mist particles and droplets. This technology to collect oil mist has several advantages to it that includes efficient filtration, low pressure drop and constant flow. In addition, the electronic cells are also washable.


The collectors driven by the best technology to collect oil mist can recover 99 percent of the lube oil and prove beneficial both to the physical plant as well as the environmental assets.

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