Five iPad Apps For Social Media Markets

Social media has become one of the most effective marketing platforms thanks to its huge number of users. Many online businesses have actually managed to turn this important number of social media users into paying customers.


However, for this to happen, a well strategized social media campaign has to be carried out. Most business owners have used mobile apps to run their marketing campaigns by managing their social media accounts through them.

Outlined below are five iPad apps that social media marketers will find useful.

1. Glyder

This is one application that will be in use for a long time. It makes social media marketing for businesses easier. From this application one is able to manage the social media account of their choice. All you need to do is select a template from Glyder, select the message or image you want to share and simply post it on the social network you have chosen. It is very user friendly and has made sharing content easy.

2. Tweetbot

This is a very useful app and as the name suggests it effectively manages the twitter social network. It is a favorite to many social media marketers because it is able to shorten shared links, easily uploads videos and photos and best of all, it can send tweets from different twitter accounts at the same time without the user having to log out from one and log in on another.

It is also easier to manage important followers who are relevant to your business by creating lists using the timelines feature. One is also able to customize it and make tweets from only the relevant people in the industry viewable or customize the tab bar to enable the app to show the frequently used actions.

3. Google Apps Browser

This is the best app especially for businesses using most of Google’s applications. One is able to access about 18 apps from this single app. Some of the apps available are Google maps, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Google Reader, Gmail, Docs, Picasa and many more.

The interface is user-friendly and makes it easy to share and view content shared by other social media users. This is one app every business should have because it enables you to access many apps in one single app, a very convenient option for busy business owners. Google lovers will definitely love it.

4. Postling

This app enables you to manage top social media accounts such as twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and so on. This app allows one to comment on posts from several social media accounts without having to switch apps. This app also updates one on everyday events on social media that might have been missed, something that can be very useful for businesses intending to keep abreast of what their competition is up to.

5. Vine

This app is ideal for users who frequently post videos on Facebook or twitter. It has been referred to as a kind of Instagram video app. It makes uploading and viewing videos from social networks easier and fast by compressing them. One is also able to create a small network by finding, engaging and following other users. It is simply one fine app for businesses to showcase their products on video through social networks.

There are many more social media apps that are very useful to businesses but the above ones are some of the most popular ones.

Do you have any favorite apps that you use to update your social media accounts that are not present in the list? Feel free to use the comment section in order to share with us.

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