SSL Certificates: What’s the Score?

In an age when being online is a convenient necessity, businesses far and wide are broadening their client base by setting up on the web. Protecting your business with a SSL certificate should be a primary concern, just like marketing and advertising should. Without these foundations, your business will not prosper as well as it could.

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While the content of a SSL certificate isn’t ordinarily seen, you can use a specialist SSL browser such as OpenSSL to see the contents of them. If you were to open the certificate in a text editor, all you’d see is a bunch of nonsensical characters that wouldn’t mean anything. Viewing a standard, wildcard or EV SSL online will provide all the information you need.

As an online business, Internet & Website Security should be of paramount importance. After all, how can you expect potential customers to trust your site enough to buy from you or use your service if their safety isn’t considered?

Installing a SSL certificate onto your website will help to protect your consumers and build their confidence in you. But what’s it all about? What does a SSL certificate actually entail?

When using a special SSL browser to read the certificate, you will see that there are a lot of fields. Some of these will include indecipherable identifiers while others will include readable data, such as the Common Name. On an Extended Validation certificate, this field will contain information about the organisation.

You will also find a Subject Alternative Name, which allows the certificate to be used on various subdomains. Multiple listings would be found in this field if the organisation was to purchase a wildcard SSL which covers unlimited subdomains connected to the initial domain linked to the certificate.

Whether you open a certificate using specialist software or online, the important aspects of SSL remains. Without it, your business won’t be as secure and confidence in your site won’t be as high as it potentially could be. Take a look at your SSL options, today.

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