Boost Your Website Rankings with On-Page SEO Guidelines

On-Page SEO

Does the Search engine optimisation sound very technical and time-consuming? But you know what SEO can be done through various methods. Want to communicate through the website?

On-Page SEO

An effective on-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works upon building the quality content on the website

Why should we choose On-Page SEO?

When we talk about on-page SEO, it means to increase the website traffic by improving the quality of content. The website has to focus on the content. The material has to be unique, engaging and worth reading. On-page SEO makes the site ranks higher on search, so it is quite essential to use SEO techniques in a better way to have good results.

Guidelines to boost traffic on your website

1. Site Speed

Ever loved to use a slow page? In the era, where we don’t have time to wait for a sec who would love to use a website which is delaying in loading a page? Site speed influences the website ranking by 7% as the more the site speed, the better the rank.

If your website is consuming much time, then go for compressing the images as large image size take more time which results in more time. Lower the server response time so that your page will not reload again and again when the user revisits it. Use only one page directs so that your page renders fast.

2. Discoverable

What is the use of any website if it does not appear in any search engine? How will the users find it?

Conduct the SERP test for ensuring that it has a proper target audience that would affect your crawlable and search engine appearance. Build GIF das for your targeted audience.

3. Mobile responsiveness

It is self-evident that people surf any website more on smartphones as compared to laptops and PC. So make your site mobile friendly. Check the mobile responsiveness of your website by Google mobile-friendly test tool. Make sure your website follows all the formats for mobile responsive websites. Make sure the clicks are made according to the smartphone’s screen. Regularly check the mobile testing test to make sure the user has a pleasant experience.

4. Content tags

Content tags influence your website visits very much. Make sure your headings should be a maximum of 60 characters extended, whereas the Meta should be around 160 characters long and should be descriptive. This is the best opportunity to attract viewers to open your website. So always use unique and creative tags. Use proper tags on your website and never publish the content that has been copied from some source

5. Multimedia

Multimedia has a stimulating effect on users mind as it visualises the material written. So make sure you Use original images. Always compress the size of the image to make it load fast.  Whenever the user downloads the picture, it should be in a new tag.

Come with a better website with SEO. A website needs to have a lot of traffic to get popular such as put some original content on the site. Make content enjoyable with text, images, videos, GIFS etc.

Always describe the images or video you add. The description is the crucial aspect of your website.

6. Keyword research and usage

Have you ever observed that the keyword we search related to website result in search engines?

The keyword is the key element when we talk about increasing the rank of the page as your primary keyword represents your site in the search result. So, focus on using thoroughly researched keywords, and your website should appear in the searches related to content.

7. Content-Length

Refreshing long content ranks more as compared to short content length. The content would have worth to read and at least should be at least 1500 to 2000 words so that it has some meaning and description.

Make sure you don’t forget quality over quantity. Your content should be exciting and readable. Donor compromise keywords otherwise it will let your website down in search engine.

8. Fresh content

Publish content that is worth it for the website and fully well-researched content without errors and irrelevant hyperlinks. Errors can drastically rank your site down as users will not love it. Put creative, descriptive, innovative, justified content with clear vision. Put content with data, facts images, videos and description, which makes it rank higher.

9. URL structure

The URL that has the keywords in the starting is more comfortable to search, and it should be short as preferred by Google. Use links full of keywords and have a structured SEO friendly URL use hyphens in URL and not underscores to make it complicated.

10. Social media sharing

Keep your audience engaged with trendy content on social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. It will improve the search results on the website.


On-page SEO helps to have loyal viewers by giving them engaging content to visit again and again. Rank your website up with creative on-page SEO techniques.

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