3 Best Online Tools To Track Your Workouts

For those of us who are really trying to transform our bodies, simply home workouts on occasion isn’t enough. We also have to be deliberate about it, ensuring that we’re burning enough calories while targeting all the right muscle groups. Sure, at times the mental workouts can be exhausting. But in this day and age, technology can be a powerful ally.

That’s why it’s important to check out these three free online tools for best workouts tracking – you’ll be amazed at not only how easy they are to fill, but how inspiring they’ll ultimately be.

3 Online Tools To Track Your Workouts

1. JoesGoals.com

This one is great for those minimalists who simply want to check off a day on their calendar and make a quick note of what they did. But the beauty of JoesGoals.com is the same as the wonder of Internet technology – there’s no reason you have to carry around a calendar if you have Internet access. This will help ensure that you’re truly tracking what happens every day.

JoesGoals comes with some other nice features, as well, like keeping track of your active streaks and allowing you to customize your methods of tracking. In short, it’s a simple tool that has all the basic features you need.

2. OnlineFitnessLog.com

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, then something to the tune of OnlineFitnessLog might be more your style. Because this tool is aimed more specifically at fitness, it’s easier to enter in facts like calories and nutrition in addition to your daily p90x workouts tracking. And when you enter in your basal metabolic rate, you get an accurate picture of just how many calories you really are burning on a daily basis.

Another great feature of this site is that you’ll be able to visualize your efforts in the form of a graph – there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing how much your hard work is paying off. Note: only free for first 30 days.

3. FitDay.com

A free weight loss and diet journal, FitDay.com is a great tool for anyone who wants to bring the App with them on their iPhone. But there’s more at FitDay.com, including forums and articles to help keep you on track, making it much more of a community atmosphere. When you compile your exercise and nutrition statistics, you’ll be able to visualize exactly what you’re doing – and what you may need to improve.

It’s hard to go wrong with any of the tools listed here, but the important thing is that you do track your insanity workouts in some way. And the longer you keep your streak alive, the more you’ll be inspired to go Gym workout on those days when you just plain don’t feel like at home workouts.

Do you know some more tools which will help to track workouts, if yes then share with our reader via comments below.

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