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Show Adsense in Middle of Post

Today I will show you how to implement content around Adsense ads or implement adsense in the middle of posts in Blogger.First you should know the advantages of this hack.*More clicks will be generated *It will increase your CTR rate *Your earnings will increase Any how, it is very easy to implement this hack in […]

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Show Adsense ads inside or between blog post.

Adding Google Adsense ads inside blog posts will surely increase your CTR and which will bring you more money via Adsense. CTR means”(the number of times your ad clicked) divided by (number of times it is shown). So,the more CTR you have,the more money you get. As we know,there are more chances for the ads […]

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Blog Visitors

How to Track Your Blog Visitors

All new bloggers have one common question in their mind that how many visitors their blog is getting since the blog is launched. Also how many pageviews, where my visitors come from, are they coming via search engine or they are referring some other website to land onto my blog and so on. I think […]

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