The Best Mobile Apps of 2016 So Far


This year has already seen an impressive range of apps being released that can upgrade our photography skills, grow our own digital pets, and even take us to the casino. So if you’re looking to try out the best apps of 2016 so far, here’s a selection of some of the most intriguing.

Photographic innovation

Every smartphone user loves to take some quality photographs on their mobile device. But if you’re looking to supplement your iPhone photos with some stylish decals and arresting filters, then the latest Enlight upgrade is a must. With many retro-flavoured motifs and advanced editing features it means that even the most aesthetically challenged of us can become an Instagram sensation!


Android users can find similar fun with apps like Afterlight. But if your selfies are still not living up to your expectations, then the Facetune app can help us all look a little more magazine friendly thanks to its great editing features that can remove dark circles around our eyes and even give us that dazzling white Hollywood smile.

Gaming excitement

Online games are still one of the biggest app genres and it is puzzle games that are once again dominating the scene with innovative titles such as Voi for iOS showing how our basic spatial awareness can be completely overhauled thanks to their tricky geometric puzzle challenges.


Many traditional games such as Game of Dice for Android and iOS continue to dazzle gamers in 2016, and online blackjack is also making a big comeback so don’t forget you can play it now at on a range of mobile devices and earn yourself some surprising prize winnings.

App weirdness

But away from the online blackjack and the photography fun, it’s also evident that some of this year’s best apps have succeeded purely through being a little bit weird. Our unconditional love for our pets has been given a digital revamp thanks to the Growing Pug app that lets you have a little digital pug on your phone that you get to nurture, train and even dress up in some outlandish clothes.

And if your iPhone needs to be made a little more dazzling then the LEDit banner app can quickly turn your Apple device into a glittering ticker display that’s perfect for communicating news about your latest blackjack win to your friends across a crowded bar!

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