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I won’t start off with a traditional blathering – to monitor your employees, let of off all the precious monitoring methods, install a mobile spy application, and get updates on even the smallest of mobile actions that takes place. Previously, tracking iPhones was a hassle, however, today, you can easily install third party applications on iPhones. This has opened doors for iPhone monitoring via cell phone spying applications.


In other words, you can save thousands of dollars spent on employee monitoring and performance tracking annually. Just leave it all on a tiny app to manage it for you.

Why you need an iPhone monitoring application?

You definitely need a monitoring mechanism to sustain a peaceful and politics-free work ambiance. There are often some employees that have a nasty habit of either harassing others, or playing dirty games in the office… or are involved with people working for the competitor company.

Trusting all your employees completely is a risk itself. Every now and then, you need to judge their loyalty towards you and your organization. What if they are working at your office, but instead secretly spying for any of your competitors and giving away much of your confidential company’s information. If left unchecked, it can completely bring your business to dust!

You need to monitor your employees to see whether they use the resource you have provided them, mobile phones, computers etc properly and carefully. Keeping a watch on them at work is much easier, but what about when they are not in the office premises? What if they are making unnecessary long distance calls to uncle Bob living in Texas or Sandra living in Sydney?

Then, there is another situation…… a new entrant at work! Hiring a new person does involve more risk factor. You need to be very careful with them, since you don’t know much about their work ethics and performance. This gives you all the more reason to keep a watch on them.

Possible employee monitoring ways?

Now, keeping a watch doesn’t mean you would drill holes in their cabin doors or walls and peak through them all the time. Installing CC-TV cameras is old-school, plus you can’t really hear them. You can monitor their computer activities by installing a PC monitoring application. And then, we have mobile monitoring applications…!

StealthGenie monitoring application is one of the finest in the field of employee monitoring. However, also compatible with Android and blackberry handsets, StealthGenie gives seamless functionality on iPhones. That means, no interference with the phone’s activities, no glitches, and no service failure! Smooth and silent tracking is now possible, thanks to StealthGenie.

With an iPhone spy application installed in their phones, you can easily keep a check on their phone activities.

That means, you can view:

  • Call logs, with time, date and name mentioned.
  • SMS logs, with SMS data, name with time and date details.
  • Email messages with email addresses and time and date details.
  • Chat conversations from both sender and receiver.
  • Locations and location history via Geo tracking feature.
  • See what multimedia content they have saved within their phones.

… all this at the expense of just $8 and less!

Sign up, install and begin monitoring silently. You can virtually be with your employees no matter where you might be! Out of every 10 employers, 6 have already switched to this stealthy and secure mode of monitoring. What about you? But wait, don’t fall head over heels for just any service – The name is StealthGenie and it spells responsibility and reliability!

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