Top 10 iPhone 5 Apps

iPhone 5 apps

I have compiled a list of Top 10 iPhone 5 apps for you. iPhone 5 has been recently launched by the Apple and people are looking forward to the new apps, which are compatible with this new gadget. Here we are mentioning some amazing iPhone 5 apps. It includes apps about social media, news, games and others.

iPhone 5 apps

Best 10 iPhone 5 apps

1. Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt 7: Heat

When we talk about the gaming apps, Asphalt 7: heat is a great app. If you love driving games, it is the one which has been optimized for this great Smartphone. Wide screen of iPhone 5 gives you a better experience and you can enjoy it. The app is available in quite detailed format, which makes it more interesting for the users.

If you are concerned about the price, it’s not really expansive. You can get it in less than $ 1. If you love need for speed, its an alternative for that on the big screen. It is a must have app for every iPhone 5 us er. One of the best iPhone 5 apps for game lovers.

2. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

This application is available for free for all the iPhone 5 users. You can play it easily in landscape mode as things are more visible and clear in this mode. Once you start playing this game, you cannot stop yourself. It’s really engaging and you will love to play it for free. Jetpack Joyride is full of energy and you will feel yourself fresh.

3. Lili


If you like non violent games, this one is for you. This is an adventure game. It is about the journey of a student, who passes through a tropical land, which has lots of spirits and other similar things. For iPhone 5 this app has been improved and now things and more smoother and graphics are really good. You can get this interesting game in $ 5, which is not much for an app like Lili.

4. Minecraft Pocket Edition

It’s a huge cult game, which is really interesting. The pocket edition runs on iOS, which does not support all the basic features of the game. However, you will find new features and other creatures. This app can be used with iPhone 5, as it works in the resolution of the gadget. You can build your world and all the necessary material is provided to you. The new features are available permanently and they make it more interesting. You can get it in $ 6.99, which is quite affordable for the iPhone 5 users.

5. Sky Gamblers: air Supremacy

Sky Gamblers

This interesting game is available for less than $ 5. A gift for those iPhone users who love airplane dog fighting. This game is 3D, which is more enjoyable in landscape mode. A wider view will allow you to enjoy the game in a better way. The graphics are really good, giving a great experience to the users.

6. Spell Tower : One of the best iPhone 5 apps


This Spell Tower game is all about the magic of words. You have to build the words. The graphics are really great and fonts are also good. It’s not only available for iPhone 5 users, but users of earlier models can also play it. Students can enhance their vocabulary and everyone else can play for the sake of fun.

7. Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP


If you are looking for something hipster, this Superbrothers game is for you. This action adventure game is slightly slow, if we compare it with the others, but it’s really stylish. You will enjoy the great graphics and the interesting background music. It is similar to many other adventure games, yet it is different. It looks superb on the screen of iPhone 5 and you cannot resist it for long. If we talk about the price, it’s really cheap, you can get it in less than $2, i.e. $1.99.

8. CNN


In the beginning just few apps were optimized for the iPhone 5, which has a larger screen, and CNN is one of them. You can see more lines of text on screen and if you are in menu you can see one more headline. CNN is not really deep, but its impressive. You can see eight latest stories in each section. These sections are frequently updated, and you can have latest news on CNN. For iPhone 5 users, this app is absolutely free. If you are iPhone 5 users, you can keep yourself updated with all new stories and new around the world, with the help of CNN. One of the best iPhone 5 apps for news reading.

9. Comixology

Comics are loved by everyone, and as the name suggests Comixology is a comic game. Players can enjoy it in landscape mode, but it will work well if you zoom them. On portrait mode, shinny panels look more attractive. Its is loved by the young ones, but everyone will enjoy it, It’s a fee app, which mkes it even more attractive.

10. Flipboard


Flipboard is an older application, which was available for the previous iPhone users too. On iPhone 5 icons look bigger and and other images are larger. You will not see any reall changes for the iPhone 5. However, when you start reading articles you will feel the difference. If an article was 9 pages long of iPhone 4S, it will be just 7 pages on iPhone 5. This is available for free, for iPhone 5 users.

I will soon come up with the article that will focus on top 10 iPhone 5 games. If you know more better iPhone 5 apps then share with us via comments below.

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