10 ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website using Stumble Upon!!

StumbleUpon is a social networking website that allows users to share and recommend sites they find around the internet. To get started using StumbleUpon you need to first install the toolbar on your internet browser which is currently only compatible with Internet Explorer and FireFox.

Several ways I used to get traffic from StumbleUpon

1. First of all you have to set up an account at http://www.stumbleupon.com.

Next, you’ll be directed to “Join and Download Now.” The “download” part means that you’ll be downloading the SU toolbar, which is vital to getting the most out of SU.

2. Start adding friends.

You can do this by allowing SU to search your email address book for people who are already SU users. Click the “Connect with friends” button on the right hand side of the page.

3.Start stumbling Websites

To stumble a post click on the title of the post so that you’re on the direct URL to the post you wish to stumble. Rather than stumble an entire site, stumble specific posts on a site.Hit the “thumbs up/I like it!” button, If it hasn’t already been stumbled, then a box will appear where you’ll write a little review. You’ll also be asked to put it in a category.

4. A great way to stumble upon sites is to simply hit the “Stumble” button. You can choose the category of what you want to stumble simply by choosing under the “all” button. Scroll down and choose your category.

5. One more way to stumble is to stumble the sites my friends have stumbled upon. You do this by hitting the button that looks like two people side by side.

6. You can send your favorite sites to the friends you’ve made on SU to ask for a review or to just send them something you really enjoyed by hitting the “Send to” button.

7. Submit new webpages

Submit your posts URL to StumbleUpon using the toolbar. You can promote your onw pages but don’t overdo it. This way can help you to increase the backlinks to your posts and thus can increase your PR. With more links at StumbleUpon, you will be able to improve your post visibility and get more traffic.

8.Use Multiple tags

Using multiple tags can help you to target wider range of users. Thus help you get even more traffic from StumbleUpon!


Not all of your content will get stumbled and drive tonnes of traffic to your site. If you are continually submitting your own content to SU on a daily basis you can expect your account and site to get banned. I have read countless times of users getting banned from SU for abusing the system.

10.Include the Stumbleupon Button on Your Site

You may think that this is not necessary since people can just give a thumbs up in their toolbar. This is not the case. Including a prominently displayed Stumbleupon button will increase the amount of votes and reviews you get. Stumbleupon has a page of instructions which make the process of adding a button quite easy.

Now you know how StumbleUpon visitors interact with your site make sure you monetize your site accordingly. Please feel free to add me to your StumbleUpon friends list, my account name is vishalgaikar. Keep in mind I try my best to return the favor for all people who stumble my posts

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