The Exciting and Innovative Features of HTML5


HTML5 is the latest version of  Hyper Text Markup Language. It was first released in 2008, but in the year 2011 it captured the attention of web designers and developers all over the world; as it brought some advanced features.

HTML5 is still going through the development phase though. The language is not complete yet. W3C wants to release a stable HTML5 Recommendation by the end of this year.


If you are a newbie web developer, then it is the ideal time to enhance your knowledge about HTML5, because in the coming years, this particular programming language will help you define the future of web.

Here is a list of some of the most cutting edge features of HTML5.

Great replacement of Flash

Websites are becoming more and more interactive and functional these days. Clients now ask developers to use animation, videos, music in their websites and integration of social media has become a necessity. Until the introduction of HTML5, developers were dependent on Flash, Silverlight, and JavaScript etc. for adding interactive features to the layouts.

While these technologies are useful, they make the development process complex. Thanks to HTML5, now developers can add video, audio, animation, graphics and other interactive elements without taking help of any third party plug-ins.

Enhanced semantics

This advanced programming language made it easier to differentiate various parts of web pages such as headers, footers, nav etc. Tags are specifically made to dictate the functionality. With the help of HTML5, you can increase the semantic value of web pages and codes.

Better markup

It helps you write cleaner codes. For instance, you can easily replace “div” tags from the code and replace it with semantic HTML elements. One of the biggest advantages of writing clean codes is that it makes the website faster and SEO friendly.

Create beautiful forms

It lets you use elegant web forms in the website. The user interface can be enhanced as per your requirements as well. If that is not enough, then you will be pleased to know that there are options for different text inputs and search fields.

Offline caching

This is feature is absolutely loved by web developers. Most of the web browsers use online caching, but what if a user gets offline for a few seconds? Can he go back to the previous page by clicking the “back” button? Earlier, internet connection was necessary for viewing previous page, but HTML5 made things a lot easier.

While building the website, you can specify the pages and files that a browser needs to cache. So, even if a browser is offline, users can view the previous page without any problem. Offline browsing not only enhances user experience, but also reduces data load on server.

Customized web application development

Numerous innovative features and various global standards have emerged as a part of HTML5 release. Majority of popular web browsers made these features available so that you can take benefit of those while developing a website. One of the key objectives of HTML5 is to help programmers build customized web applications with user friendly interfaces, message boards, drag and drop tools and discussion centres.

Client side database

Cookies are used for tracking the details of end users, but there are several drawbacks of this method. Cookie data gets added to the HTTP request headers and it is one of the serious disadvantages. It increases page loading time. HTML5 solves this problem and allows you to store the structured data temporarily.

After reading the aforementioned features, you must be very excited to try your hands on HTML5. However, you should take things slowly. It is a vast language and will take time to understand its true capabilities.

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