How to Give Rewards to Your Blog Commenters


We are going to give you the biggest and best way you can reward your blog commenters. This is the most powerful incentive and reward you can ever give any blog commenter ever, and it is easier than polishing an apple for teacher. You allow your commenter to insert a link to a webpage. There you go – the most perfect and easy way to reward your commenters.


Let us not fool around with this idea however, since you may be asking, “If it is such a good idea, then why doesn’t everybody do it?” There are so many reasons why people do not do it that a hundred professors could write a custom essay on the subject and still not cover it in enough detail. Need to say that this tip is simple and easy to implement, but it does have baggage. That baggage is spam and spamming people.

Inappropriate links and consequences

Let us tackle these not nice people side of it first. There are people who are going to link to pages that are wholly inappropriate for your blog. For example, you may write a blog post about not wearing fur because it seems a little unfair to inflict death just to look good.

In this case there is some little skip-rat who is going to post links to tortured animals and claim that it is funny, or they are going to link to a site that shows a celebrity wearing fur and tell you it looks great. The second thing they are going to do is link to things that are inappropriate for your audience. You may do a blog post on the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease in twenty year olds, and your audience is mainly the confused parents of these poor suffering people.

There will be some nose-picker who is going to link to an inappropriate “funny” image of an Alzheimer’s sufferer. Or they will link to a site that is wholly inappropriate, such as adding a comment that says my sister is raising money for Alzheimer’s which links to a pornographic picture. These and issues like these, are what you are going to have to deal with if you allow links to be embedded into your blog comments.


The other problem you are going to have is SPAM. Now let us assume that you are going to reward your commentators with a link. This link will not have a “no-follow” attached because you want to it be a reward. This means that the link will help someone’s SEO.

There are programs that seek out comment sections such as yours and install a link and a short keyword message into them. The comment will not add to the flow of conversation, nor will it make sense. It is just spam. If you reward people by allowing them to install a working link, then some people are going to abuse it.

So what should you do?

You should make sure that your commentators know that the link they install is a reward, and not a privilege. Make it known on your blog that if someone adds a blog that is meaningful, throughout and adds to the discussion that they may add a link to it.

Every comment that is added should be administered by you. This then means that you are able to add in the comments that are relevant and reward the commenter with their link. It also means you remove the spam element. This method also has the happy side effect that you need not install any barriers to stop people adding comments; barriers such as a Catcha program.

People are able to add their comment at their own free will without any impediment. This will encourage genuine commentators to comment. A link is a good reward because it will help improve the ranking of their websites page in return for a thought out and well put comment on your site.

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