The Advantages Of Using A Surge Receptacle Instead Of A Power Strip

Surge Receptacle Instead Of A Power Strip

Surge protectors play an important role in every business that uses expensive electronic equipment; irregular voltage spikes can easily cost business owners thousands of dollars due to equipment damage, downtime and replacement costs. A big voltage spike can decimate a business, and the loss of man hours drastically cuts productivity until all the equipment is fixed. Fortunately, protecting your equipment isn’t rocket science, and it can be done without spending tons of money.

Surge Receptacle Instead Of A Power Strip

Buying surge protectors for your business is a good idea, but you need to make sure to buy something that can efficiently handle large power spikes. Small strip protectors are great for home use, but they aren’t very effective when you are trying to protect an office building. If you want bulletproof protection for your building, then you need to invest in surge protector receptacles.

Surge protector receptacles come with both 15 and 20 ampere electrical connections, and they can usually handle drops in voltage up to 700 joules. Ordinary strips that you buy at your local store only handle about 300 joules, so they aren’t good enough to protect valuable equipment; a big surge can still fry all of your electronics. Most experts agree that sensitive equipment needs to be used with surge protective devices that can handle at least a 600 joule drop.

If you’re connecting your office equipment to a surge protector, then it’s very likely that don’t want to lose any of it due to damage. It makes sense to spend a little more money on something that can handle large voltage fluctuations.

Surge receptacles are more practical than surge protector strips. They don’t have any wires, so you never have to worry about your employees tripping over them. When it comes to computers and electronics, wires tend to get tangled easily, and the less wires you have, the easier it is to maintain your equipment. When your electronic equipment gets tangled, it’s hard to manage. The tangled mess makes it more likely that your electronic equipment will overheat.

Buying a quality surge receptacle is important; you never want to buy a cheap unit that hasn’t been tested properly. When it comes to surge protection, spending a couple of extra dollars can save you loads of money in the future. When you buy a surge receptacle, always make sure that it has a UL listing; this listing ensures that the device has met standardized quality guidelines.

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