How to create your own Online Streaming Website

Streaming a live video online has become far more easy than ever now. Anyone can create such a website with a technical knowledge of the steps mentioned in this article. Here are few methods which will allow you to create your own online streaming website.

online streaming websites

Stream live from a webcam

1. Decide on an online service broadcast on.For this you will need a webcam and sign up on a streaming website host. This host will provide you the bandwidth required and will allow you to share your stream seamlessly.

2. After you have created an account, use the website’s built-in web broadcasting program. Majorly all hosts will allow you to broadcast without having the need to download any of their software.

Every website would have the steps that you can follow to record directly on the web, upload and stream your own channel. Although, this might lower lower the quality of broadcast in comparison to a downloaded broadcasting software.

3. If you go for downloading a software to for a higher-quality stream, then search for services that offer free versions of their own broadcasting software or allow a third-party software. For this, you might need to download an XML configuration file from the same streaming website to enable the use of Flash Media Live Encoder.

After having opened Flash Media Live Encoder, you will see File option. Click here and then choose Open Profile. Search for the downloaded XML file and open it. This will link the Encoder to your profile. This process is similar for most streaming sites.

4. After you are done creating the video, you can embed your stream on your own website. The website would provide an embedding code to place on your own website.

This is one of the simplest method to create your own streaming channel. Read on to know how you can live stream an event.

Stream an event live

1. Repeat the process mentioned above in point You might need to sign up for a paid service since the bandwidth used will be more, for streaming large events.

Websites have a separate page with details of paid services. Click here to read all about the features you can receive upon paying for the service.

2. Choose a website that allows you to stream from a mobile device. To broadcast an event, you would require to record on a handy device and the website should be able to allow you to stream from it. Many websites offer their own mobile apps, through which you can seamlessly upload and stream a video online.

Although these options might result in low quality videos. Hence, you can use a digital camcorder and connect it to the laptop with an internet connection. This might require the use of specific programs too.

3. Check sound and perspective beforehand. Because you are allowing viewers to see something live, it gives you less room for sudden changes. So decide on the angle you want to shoot at, and also the sound quality. Make sure it is best in terms of viewing and audibility.

Moreover, ensure that it is actually being recorded and streamed online and that no technical glitches are involved. You can also check it on a mobile device to see whether the videos are being streamed properly or not. When you are dealing with an event streaming, then it is preferred to consult a professional recording expert to be assured that you one gets the best possible quality for audience trying to watch the event at their home.

Bad viewing angles and bad sound quality is an instant turnoff, especially when the attention span of viewers is very less when they are online.

4. After you are done with the setup, the host will provide you with an embedding code, which you can place on your website. Contact a web developer to be able to insert this code on your website.

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