How to Fix Yahoo! Mail Login Error on Mobile?

In last few years, if one would say that technological advancements have changed the course of life then it will not be wrong. In past, people were used to used send telegrams, letters, etc. to communicate with their loved ones living far away from them. Same mode of communication was adopted for official matters.


However, after some years, telephone and email replaced the traditional communication methodologies and people started using them for effective and efficient communication. It is a fact that in start, all these technology pieces were expensive to afford and only few individuals and business entities own them.

However, with the passage of time and technological development, it became easy for all people to afford advance communication sources.

Yahoo Email Services in the True Era of IT

Today is the actual era of information technology, and with a single click, one can send mails/messages to any part of the world within few seconds. Isn’t it amazing? Indeed, it is. To meet the current communication needs, many companies are providing facility of delivering emails.

One such company is Yahoo. It is an American company, which is providing facility of free email service to its users. It is one of the largest web-based email service providers. Currently, millions of users are using Yahoo email services and to your surprised, the number of users is still increasing.

Availability of Yahoo Mail on Phone

The most amazing thing is that nowadays, all internet services including email facility can be availed on the mobile phones. The reason is that in the current epoch, people prefer to use smartphones in order to satisfy their internet requirements.

To meet this modern requirement of masses, many well-known companies are offering internet services on mobile phones. Now, Yahoo Mail is also available for mobiles users under different categories like:

  • Mail for phone

  • Mail for Android

  • Mail for iPhone

  • Mail for Blackberry

Problems with Yahoo Mail Services

Despite of amazing services, Yahoo is providing to its subscribers, there can be some issues, which you may face while using this service. These issues include login error, missing scroll bars, missing text input fields, etc. Due to all these troubles, the performance of Yahoo Mail becomes questionable sometimes.

Availability of Easy Solution for your Yahoo Login Problem

These days, you will find many people, who are complaining about the Yahoo login error. The error message is shown even if you enter your correct email address and password. This Yahoo Mail signing issue has becoming common day by day. The error message that appears on the screen is as follows:

“We’re sorry that you are having difficulty logging in. Please sign in from our desktop login screen and then try login again from our mobile login screen.”

The most discouraging thing is that from notebook or any other such device, one can login successfully, but will see same error message on mobile phone. Changing the browsers will still not be the solution to this problem.

4 Steps to Follow to Avoid Yahoo Mail Login Error on Phone

Have you ever faced this issue? If yes, then no need to worry, as now you can solve this problem within no time.

There is full version of Yahoo Mail available at the link given below, download it from there, this version will not cause problems. In order to download this error-free version, you will have to follow few simple steps, which are as follows:

  1. Visit the official website of yahoo by clicking
  2. Here you will find the complete version of Yahoo login Page.
  3. Enter the correct username and password to authenticate yourself.
  4. After entering your correct username and password details, enter the captcha and click on the sign in tab.

These are the simple steps, which one can follow in order to solve one’s problems related to Yahoo Mail login errors on ones mobile phone.

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