Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers to Control VOC Emissions


Issues like sustainability and pollution have led to many innovations in the public and private sector. One field of innovation is controlling the amount of emissions being sent into the air. Emissions like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) can destroy an ecosystem and harm public health.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers from are one of the newest inventions that can help reduce many of these emissions into the atmosphere.


Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) are machines that are attached to the emissions process of any industrial energy plant. RTOs work by capturing the heat that comes from the energy production process to warm a ceramic media layer. Emissions are then sent through this ceramic media layer, which oxidizes the VOC gases from the high levels of intense heat. As a result, the gases carrying VOC materials are destroyed, leaving a clean, hot emission free of VOCs.

VOCs are especially dangerous to ecosystems and public health due to their complex molecular structure as organic compounds. Examples include benzene, which is a carcinogen, or methylene chloride, another carcinogen and a chemical that produces carbon monoxide in the human body.

These chemicals could easily enter the atmosphere from the emissions process at various factories and industrial plants. Using a RTO can help destroy the organic compounds found in the emissions and helping minimize the risk to public health or ecological destruction. is a website owned and operated by Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services Inc. (CCS&ES). CCS&ES has provided trade-off services to industrial companies since 1995. These trade-off services specialize in helping the companies maintain their efficiency and production costs while minimizing their effects on the environment.

The engineers at CCS&ES have specialized with various RTO models and other oxidizing methods and industrial precautions to reduce the effects of VOCs on the environment. These investments may include retro-fitting chains in the industrial process to reduce organic compound emissions, fan installations that increase oxidation levels in the production process, and corrosion abatement.

Innovation with industrial services has helped make the industrial process efficient and environmental clean. Companies like CCS&ES lead the charge in producing top-of-the-line oxidizing services to eliminate the harmful effects VOCs would have on the environment or on public health.

Investing in RTO technology from CCS&ES and will be a sustainable investment for any company concerned about its green record.

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