5 Tools to Automate Your Twitter Postings


If you are using a Twitter account to promote a business, product or yourself, then you should know about some of the tools that can help streamline the operation. Automated Twitter postings can be very valuable to anyone that is trying to quickly spread information using their Twitter account.


However, you should avoid turning your account into a 100% automated account, as it will be seen as spam. In addition, an automated account doesn’t allow you to interact with your followers, which is really the whole point of Twitter. However, there are some advantages to having a partially automated account, such as:

  • You can automatically post articles that are related to your business. This is very valuable, as it will allow you to pick up followers that are interested in that specific content and looking for a place to get it all in one location.
  • If you are using your Twitter account to promote things like speaking engagements, concerts or stand up comedy shows then you can automatically post relevant information about ticket details and location.
  • You can feed your blog post directly to your Twitter account. This is a very valuable application for blog writers, as it will automatically post links to their page.

These are just a few ways that automated Twitter accounts can be used to promote a business, product or individual. Now it is time to look at some of the specific Twitter automation tools out there, as well as some of their most useful features.


This automation tool was designed specifically for Twitter automation. It has several useful automation tasks such as scheduling tweets, mass scheduling, translation of tweets and adding RSS feeds. A good way to see if your Twitter automation tool is working is to check your replies. If people are responding to your automated account then you know it is getting your message out there effectively.


TweetAdder is unique as an automation tool, as it is downloaded software, rather than a tool that is used online. This tool is useful for things like automatically following and unfollowing people on Twitter, sending automatic direct messages, mass deleting of direct messages and tweet scheduling.


This is one of the most popular Twitter tools on the Internet. In addition to automatic tweet scheduling and automated RSS feeds, HootSuite has a number of other Twitter tools that will help streamline your account and make it more productive.


This Twitter productivity tool focuses mostly on account automation. SocialOomph has a robust selection of Twitter automation tools including tweet scheduling, broadcast of direct messages, recurring bulk tweets, automatic following of people that follow you and adding RSS feeds. Users should be careful to use the “broadcast DM” tool judiciously, as many Twitter users see DMs from unknown accounts as spam.


This simple tool is used to add RSS feeds to an account. This is one of the most popular applications for a Twitter automation tool, as it will allow your blog content to be directly fed to your Twitter account.

These are five of the most popular Twitter automation tools available today. The most important thing to remember about these tools is to use them wisely. If your account is 100% automated and constantly churning out links then most people will delete it as spam.

It is best to use these tools to supplement the “live” tweeting that you do on the account. To see effective use of these tools, check out the most popular Twitter accounts for ideas. The most popular accounts are generally a healthy mix of automated and “real” tweets. Finding this balance is key to having a successful Twitter account.

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