What Methods will Rule SEO in 2014?

SEO Myths

Every year there are predictions made throughout all walks of business. This is an imperative part of business practise because companies need to prepare for the times ahead. From product predictions, to global economic forecasts, to emerging SEO methods; extensive forecasting needs to take place because businesses always need to be one step ahead of the game.

SEO Myths

It is like watching a soap on the television – what you are watching on the television right now is not the same as what is going on behind the scenes as the cast will be filming many months in advance.

SEO is a particularly interesting area of contemplation. Search engine optimisation has really developed over the past few years. There have been lots of new trends and methods being implemented into businesses’ SEO campaigns. There has also been the development of traditional SEO forms into more solid tactics.

And then there are those methods that have been consistent from day one and therefore can be deemed ‘mature’. But, what strategies can we expect to see rule the world of SEO throughout 2014?

Mobile emailing

It is likely that mobile email optimisation will take on huge importance in 2014. As time goes on everything is becoming about the ‘here and now’ and ‘on the go’. As soon as people get an email they are likely to open it. And, as people have their mobiles with them 99% of the time, it is likely that emails are going to be opened on mobiles a lot more frequently.

This means that businesses need to adapt their email format and their use of SEO in emails in order to be compatible with smartphones. Email newsletters are going to need to be mobile friendly, all of the links are going to need to work, usability is going to be imperative, and SEO language and character count needs to suit mobile platforms as well as desktops.

More stringent SEO

With the introduction of Panda there has already been a crackdown on those who duplicate guest posts. Google, and other search engines, are doing their utmost in order to ensure that quality is ranking high on their search engine result pages. This is a trend that has very much been recently implemented. However, it is expected to grow monumentally throughout 2014 (and the years after that). SEO will now require a greater level of skill and professionalism.

Social media

Social media has integrated itself at the soul of SEO. It is a method that has been used for a while now. Yet, throughout 2014 it is likely that social media will extend much further beyond the realms of Facebook and Twitter. People and businesses will become a lot savvier about their options.

In fact, it is likely that SEO practise will become almost impossible without Google+. Furthermore, social networking websites such as Pinterest are likely to have a greater influence on sharing and creating backlinks. It is likely that this social media website will grow throughout 2013 and then in 2014 it will establish itself as a major player in the world of SEO and internet marketing.

The three trends mentioned in this article are likely to be evident throughout 2014. As this year progresses more trends will be forecasted and predictions will be made. Yet, the ones touched upon in this article definitely have a solid footing and have a high percentage chance of occurring.

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