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Something like 5 years ago Facebook was just a local social network for a couple of college computer geeks. But nowadays Facebook is a part of life of millions of people. For many users this social network has become a comfortable tool for communicating with friends and relatives, a source of different kinds of information, a possibility to share your interests and opinions on different matters.

Huge Facebook popularity leads to the fact that many users spend all their free time in Facebook and they use not only computers but their mobile device for accessing this social network as well. But frankly speaking, official Facebook mobile app can boast of great functional, speed, and resource economy. That’s why I want to introduce you to some alternative clients for Facebook that run under Android.

Third-party developers have developed a number of apps that interact with Facebook. Some of them are used only for communication while others allow you to watch videos and photos, listen to music, etc. Below are the apps that provide you with full access to most of Facebook functions.



This is the most popular third-party app for Facebook. Not only does it give you access to all functions and sections of the social network, but also does really quickly. If you don’t like the official client because of its sluggishness, then you need to try Friencaster.

The latest version of the app may attract you with the possibility of working with several accounts, colorful interface, right news feed display. Also it has the improved push notifications system. Now you can set it up so that you’ll get push notification only when something you marked as interesting appears.

Stream for Android

This is a relatively new and simple client that provides full access to Facebook functions. If you appreciate speed and simplicity then you’ll like this app. It will help you to read news feed, publish new statuses and photos, leave comments and likes, get notifications, etc.

The app has two color variants: black and white, good user search, cashing function for improving the speed of work. Paid variant also supports chat.


If you like both Facebook and Twitter and use them often, then you need to try this client that combines the functions of the two social networks. With the help of this app you can add posts to any of the social networks (or to both of them at a time), and get updates from these networks.

Seesmic allows you to look through the profiles of the people on FB, like posts, it has good interface. The only problem is that the app has some problems with images in posts, but nevertheless, the pluses of the app are more prominent. Seesmic is a great tool for those looking for a target audience to promote your products or business. If advertising through social media is not your thing, you can find promotional products and corporate apparel here which are just as effective.

Fast for Facebook


The developers of this app decided not to conceal anything and described the main pluses of the app in its title. Indeed, the main advantage of this client is that it’s fast. But before using it you need to learn some things, as some solutions used in a client may baffle even Facebook addicts.

Apart from regular Facebook app functions, Fast has a full-fledged chat and an informative widget for a desktop. But in order to get real-time notifications you’ll have to install an extension from the same developers, which is called Fast Notification.

Flipster for Facebook

This app will suit those users who like regular Facebook mobile app but still want to try something new. The interface seems to be familiar but at the same time it’s a little bit better.

This client provides you with the access to the most important Facebook functions, it’s faster and occupies less space than the official app. But at the same time, it doesn’t have a chat and it has ads. What to choose on this situation is up to you.

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