Top 5 Windows 8 Customization tips

Windows 8 Customization

Here are the best Windows 8 Customization tips. Windows 8 is the new operating system launched by Microsoft, which is garnering a lot positive opinions among the users. It is radically different from it’s predecessor, Windows 7 and is packed with thousands of intuitive features.

Windows 8 Customization

Let’s look at a few Windows 8 Customization tips,

Customize the Start screen

To change the color scheme of the Start screen, Browse to PC Settings – Customize. Here, you can configure the color of tiles, taskbar and the Start Menu. The default color scheme would be the one you chose during Windows 8 installation. Once you change the color scheme, you may notice a completely different look.

Resize and move Tiles

Start menu is basically the soul of Metro UI. If you feel, the metro tiles are too large, you can resize them. Basically, select your desired tiles by right click on them (You can select multiple tiles at once), You can choose over from various actions such as Unpin, Uninstall, Smaller (Resize) and Toggling Live tile.

Skin Packs

Bring awesomeness to your desktop. Transform your Windows 8 desktop into a Lion with the Mac OS X Skin Pack. One of the notable features is the rocketdeck, which provides Mac styled shortcuts on your desktop. However, it the skin pack is still in beta development stage, and doesn’t promise you a complete bug-free experience, You may experience a few minor problems.

Animated Windows 8 Applications

By default, Windows 8 provides Animated Tiles for a few Metro apps. If you happen to receive an e-mail, or while browsing the calendar, you’ll notice that a few links are animated. If you have disabled this feature earlier, you can re-enable the option from the Customize menu, located at the top right in the settings menu.

However, remember that Animated Tiles require more CPU, subsequently reducing the performance of your PC. The best solution is to turn off animations while gaming or during other RAM consuming activities.

Picture Password

This is one of my favorite features of Windows 8. It takes secure login to the next level. It is pretty straightforward, You choose an image from your PC, draw some gestures, lines or points and save it. While logging in, you need to re-do the similar gestures.

In order to configure a Picture Password, First browse to PC Settings – Login Options. Click on Change Picture password button. Primarily, Choose your desired image to use as a password from your PC. You can re-size or re-position it.

In the ‘Set up Gestures’ tab, create the gestures you wish, in a order as described by the on-screen instructions. Once you’ve done that, you need to re-create them for password confirmation. If they match close enough, It should display a success message.

Did you like the feature set of Windows 8? Comment out your favorite feature of Windows 8.

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