The Goods and the Bads of Social Media Networking on Blogging

Looking around, the hold of technology is extremely easy to spot. The world has launched itself into such a ‘developed’ zone that none of the activities today are possible without the governance of social media. One of the important subdivisions of this drastically integral component of society is blogging.


A blog is a modified web page where the blogger or the creator posts his or her interests, works of art, songs, achievements, etc. The difference between an ordinary webpage and a blog is the fact that anyone in the cyber world can join the blog, follow the activities and comment on the many posts.

Goods of social media networking on blogging:

  • Social media networking is thriving in every nook and corner. This has had a tremendously beneficial effect on blogging. Almost everyone around the globe has the facility to reach social media network with just one click, either via a laptop or a smart phone. This has made it possible to easily access the blogs and has also allowed bloggers to get extensive cyber traffic.

  • Thriving social media networking has enhanced the popularity of many blogs. As people who are part of the social media network are in contact with one another, they tend to share their interests with each other. If someone has found an attractive blog, he/she will share it with the contacts having similar interests, thereby propagating the blog from person to person and generating fan-following for it.

  • Social media networking is very beneficial for a professional blog. By advertising your blog on social networking websites like Facebook and Google+, it is possible to attract public towards the items you have to offer. This is especially significant for people with small businesses who just have web pages and online blogs to determine their sales and satisfy the client age.

Bads of social media networking on blogging:

  • Though, social media networking attracts interested parties, it also has the disadvantage of attracting the rebellious groups towards the blog. Such groups do nothing but respond in an insulting manner to the various posts on the page and so create an uncomfortable environment online. This leads to poor health of the blog, its controversial nature and its decreased popularity among the internet users.

  • The widely spreading social media has allowed easy access to everything online. Though, it is a blessing in a way it is definitely a devil in disguise too. This allows hackers to reach your blog easily, steal it and eventually misuse it.

  • Intense popularity and access of social media networking has made it difficult for the bloggers to hook up permanent subscribers. This is because each and every person in the wide cyber world has access to all the blogs creating a tough competition for all the bloggers.

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