5 Lazy Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Sales

Do you have a problem with your affiliate marketing? Do you waste too much time in your affiliate marketing business without getting the reward you deserve? If you experience this problem, you need a fresh strategy. You need a strategy that won’t put a lot of your effort into it.

Here are 5 lazy marketing tactics to boost your affiliate marketing sales:

1. Using auto-responder more effectively

Auto-responder is a very effective medium to promote your affiliate product. And more than that, auto-responder is your way to promote affiliate product passively. You can say that if you have a good-working auto-responder system, you will be able to make affiliate sales automatically. But, how can you use auto-responder more effectively? The secret is to know the thought-flow of your potential customers, and create auto-responder series based in that thought-flow.

2. Using document-sharing websites without writing content

Nowadays, you can share documents easily with the help of document-sharing websites, such as docstoc.com. If you want to use document-sharing websites to boost your affiliate sales, you can do it by uploading good ebook related to your affiliate product. The key is to provide good information in your ebook so that people can learn from it. In the end of your ebook, you can put the link to your website, where you build list or promote affiliate product there.

How to come up with quality document without writing content? Simple, you will either use PLR content or pick some articles from EzineArticles.com and put those articles together in your ebook. Now, there are many low quality articles in either PLR packs or EzineArticles.com. How can you give the best to your readers? The key of your success is only to feature high quality content in your ebook. It may take some time to find such content, but it will worth it.

3. Building a list with how-to videos

Creating how-to videos can help you gain more traffic to your website. And how-to videos are great for list building. So, here’s what you will do: you will create 3 videos per week, which contain useful how-to tips. The video length should fall between 3-7 minutes. Then submit each of your video to 5 video-sharing websites. Make sure to come up with different title and description in for your videos in each video-sharing website.

4. Outsource your link building

Link building is the most time-consuming activity in your affiliate marketing. But, it is the most important part of your strategy, because the reward that you will get from successful link building is consistent traffic from the search engines. If you’re lazy with link building, you can just outsource it. There are many good link building services that you can use. If there is only one thing that you need to outsource in your affiliate marketing business, make sure it’s link building.

5. Writing reviews targeting product keywords

Trying to rank high for phrases such as “cure acne naturally” or “lose weight naturally” may take lots of time and SEO strategies. But, there is a better way. Target product name keywords, and you’ll rank more easily for your keywords. Write reviews that are optimized for product name keywords. Not only will you rank more easily, you will also get consistent buyer traffic from the search engines, which will boost your affiliate marketing sales significantly.

Those are some lazy marketing tactics that you can use to boost your affiliate marketing sales.

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