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5 Ways to Simplify Your Web Design

Have you ever visited a website and got so frustrated by its design and layout that you left and never went back? The owner of that website has just lost a potentially valuable customer. This could have been easily prevented by simplifying the websites design to make it easier to browse and purchase products or […]

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Wireless Solutions That Work for Afghans

Afghanistan has seen an increased demand for reliable wireless service that suits both personal and business needs. From aspiring local business owners to foreign workers who need to stay in touch with others across the globe, there are solutions that will fit your budget. People who need wireless phone service or Internet access for personal […]

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A New Business? Why You Should Consider Cloud Computing

As a new business, you will be trying to put into place infrastructure that works for your new company. Setting down new processes can be tricky, but often, the right tools can massively improve your efficiency. So, considering cloud computing is a great place to start. A resource that is becoming increasingly more popular with […]

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SSL Certificate types

Guide to Understand Various SSL Certificate Types

SSL is the acronym of Secure Socket Layer and is a digital certificate issued by Certificate Authority (CA). It is a set of protocol developed by Netscape for transmitting data and files over internet securely. Whenever a data is transmitted from a web browser to other browser then SSL encrypts those data and establish a […]

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business success

Give Your Business an Edge

In this fast-paced, modern world, you need to do everything possible to stay ahead of the game in business. You may have a great concept, but you need to promote yourself in every way possible. If you want everyone to know about you, make sure that your company stands above the competition. Each choice that […]

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