Create Your own Magical Farm with Browser game Miramagia


Gone are the days when only children had the pleasure to play games. Gaming industry is boosting up at every level to provide you the best gaming experience that could keep all your senses engaged and provide you an escape to the world of fantasy.


Browser games like Miramagia, which is a new social browser game that is developed by Travian Games. It came in the market in early 2011 and since then it is being talked a lot about. It provides you the gateway to enter the magical world with full of spells and dragons.

The thing that makes this game a bit different from other social games is its theme. This game blends farming simulation with a magical game world and is enjoyable by every age group.

The game starts with choosing your class out of four different types of ‘living’ that this game offers, these are Sorcerer, Shaman, Druid and Mage. Each of the categories offers different characteristics. Once you have chosen your class, you’ll be given the choice to choose your gender as well and then will begin the tutorial session.

This game basically starts with farming activity, from where you can earn your revenue to get cleared up towards the higher levels of the game where you can raise your dragon or learn some freaking magical spells that will help you to fight for your village and save your people.

The game is pretty engaging and is having variety of things to keep you on your toe. It uses immense strategy to pull over the best of the game that it could deliver. Various achievements are waiting to get unlocked. Lots of spell like bringing rain for your crops, controlling the enemy dragon and other various awesome things.

The main motive of the game is to develop the character that you are playing with. Your aim is to enhance the ability of the character to unlock various achievements and collect the rewards. There were various activities that keep the player engaged in the game.

Apart from gaming this game also offers some of the elements that are pretty unique. It is truly a social networking game because it offers two such elements. One is the ‘Chat Rooms’ where you can have a chat with other players of the game and plan the strategy or just have fun of talking. Another feature is something new and that is called as ‘Auction House’. This is the place where you can sell or buy goods to other players or from them.

This game offers various quests and these quests are pretty engaging. You’ll surely wait and enjoy all of them. The graphics of the game are pretty good. Travian games never disappoint you, they always have something outstanding to deliver and same is this game. The strategic level of the game is pretty high and hence wins over the heart of the player.

Overall, this game is having those entire elements in it which could provide you a great gaming experience and can keep you engaged for pretty long. Do give it a try if you are fan of this kind of genre in games category.

You can play this game for free, right now on their official site

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