How to Get Along with Mobile Sports Betting

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While some people prefer placing their sports bets in land-based stores or via an online sportsbook, for others, there’s something quite compelling about being able to bet from any location via a mobile device. Smartphones and tablets have pretty much become a part of many of our everyday lives, and they’re looked upon today as being a necessity. Fortunately, if you happen to be a sports bettor, then this works perfectly.

mobile game

Yet, if you haven’t partaken in any sort of mobile sports betting before, then the idea of it may seem a little bit confusing at first. Fear not, though. We’re here to give you some details of how to best proceed with mobile sports betting and perhaps one or two hints and tips of going down a potentially more successful betting route.

As a first step, we’d always suggest that you locate an online sportsbook that is a reputable and respectable site. Obviously, make sure that it provides the possibility for mobile betting, too. For example, 22Bet is a good location to engage in such. And, if you do opt to join this platform, you can also benefit from a 22Bet bonus code, which rewards you when you make your initial deposit. From that code, you receive a 100% bonus up to €122, and you can then go on and use that on any type of mobile sports bet with minimum odds of 1.40.

Sports betting Indiana have a wide choice of sportsbook apps to choose from with some of the biggest industry names living in the Hoosier State.

Are Downloadable Apps Better?

Some online sportsbooks will provide free downloadable apps for their members to add to their devices. With these, you can essentially access the available sports betting odds with a single tap. Without such, you simply need to navigate to the sportsbook through your mobile device’s web browser and log in. Yet, can one really be deemed as much better than the other for satisfying your sports betting needs?

The sports betting apps have proven to be popular with gamblers, even from as way back as 2013. Data compiled by Onava back then suggested that 4.3% of iPhone users in the United Kingdom were utilising sports betting apps on their handsets. Likely, this figure has inflated since that time, and when you factor in all the Android users doing the same, it stands out as quite an exceptional market.

Of course, you need to have the storage space on your device for the downloadable apps in the first place. So, if this isn’t a problem for you, then you’ll be able to garner quicker access to the markets and odds via an app. Not all online sportsbooks provide them, though. So, instead, users must navigate their way to the site and login in as standard.

However, neither option is specifically better than the other. You will still have the same betting options available regardless of which way you decide to participate in mobile gambling. And you’ll still receive the same promotional offers, too. The point is that you’ll be able to access your favorite sports bets from anywhere that you have a Wi-Fi or data connection, and that’s something that will appeal to tablet and smartphone users with keen interests in betting.

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