Bitdefender versus Norton: Which is the Best Antivirus of 2018


You might be using the internet on your desktops, laptops, or mobile devices to search useful information, browse certain websites, stream music, or do anything productive. But have you ever wondered that how such a vast resource can be free from malware?

Yes, there are few of us who still believe that malware only reaches our devices if we connect them to infected flash drives or USBs. The internet is the major source from where most of the malware, viruses, Trojans, ransomwares, and other threats infect our system.


What to do to protect out system from such threats? Antivirus program is definitely the best alternative. But, the big question is how to find the most reliable antivirus program from a number of options available on the internet. No problem, we have filtered the list out for you. Bitdefender and Norton are the two most trusted antivirus software tools that can protect your system from malicious threats.

McAfee is another good choice if it comes to anti-virus software but if we compare Bitdefender with McAfee, McAfee stands on a weaker side.

This is why we have come forward with Bitdefender versus Norton comparative post that will help you come to a decision. Go through it thoroughly. But before we move any further, we must learn about these companies in brief.

Bitdefender – A Knowhow

Bitdefender was founded in 2001 by Florin Talpes as a security solution provider company in Romania. It is now one of the most reliable cybersecurity and antivirus software provider organization in the world providing internet security, anti-virus, end-point security, and cybersecurity products. It has over 500 million users and performs 11 billion+ search queries each day and is able to detect the newest dangers in 3 seconds.

Norton – A Knowhow

Norton is anti-malware software that has been developed by Symantec Corporation in 1991 to serve the computer security products. It makes use of complicated signatures and heuristics for identifying the viruses and includes features like phishing protection and email spam-filter. It has been 2.7 decades since Norton is into this industry and this is the reason why it is the most trusted product.

Bitdefender versus Norton

Differentiating between the two dominant antivirus solutions is always difficult, especially when both of them are trusted and relied upon by millions of users worldwide. Still, we have come up with a few point of difference that might be helpful to you in deciding the best product.

Ease of Use

Bitdefender has got a navigation friendly interface with all the options given on the front screen. It takes only 5-6 minutes to install this software on your system. On other hand, Norton also takes 5-6 minutes to install, but its user interface not as simple as that of Bitdefender. You have to go deep inside to find some options.

Malware Detection

The companies like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives Test tries to find the ability of anti-virus software tools to detect the malware. AV-Test awarded Bitdefender as ‘Product of the Year’ Award as it defeated Norton and Kaspersky in the race. Bitdefender gave 100% malware detection rates while Norton detected 98.4% malicious threats. Though 98.4% malware detection rate is not at all bad, but Bitdefender is better than Norton when it comes to malware detection.


Bitdefender makes use of a superb technology to reduce the resource consumption rate. It is capable of detecting malware and other malicious threats quickly without affecting the performance of your system. Norton has higher resource utilization and is also responsible for slowing down your system at several instances.

Bitdefender also provide security features like virtual keyboard so that no one can detect what exactly you are typing and a safe browser to make online payments and browser securely. No such feature is offered by Norton despite being a decade older to Bitdefender.

Wrapping Up

Bitdefender and Norton are the leading antivirus solutions available on the internet. They have good malware detection rate and are recommended by many. But when it comes to resource utilization, Norton disappoints a bit. So, think before choosing Norton antivirus solution for your system. Bitdefender is surely a better choice to make over Norton.

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