Wondershare Video Editor Review: Pros and Cons


Personalizing home video with transitions and filters, editing photos, audio and video like split, crop and trim, weaving incredible movies using any format and sharing the movies everywhere is now possible using single video editing software, which is none other than Wondershare Video Editor.

Most of the people are in search of a user friendly video editor; if you are among such editing lovers then you are ultimately at the right place.


Wondershare Video Editor is one of the user friendly software programs letting you create and edit videos using more than 300 video effects; it is having really a comprehensive and compatible interface. However, there are several different video editing software programs but Wondershare Video Editor is simply amazing, which is not just for the professionals but it also allows the beginners to develop an understanding about various video editing features.

One of the most interesting features of this amazing software is that it allows you to make videos from your music files, texts and clips in order to deliver the gratifying results.

The Wondershare Video Editor comes with numbers of cool effects for which the editor prefers to use this editing software. Wondershare video player is also available outside the editor, which allows the users to listen to the music and watch videos and fun.

You may think that window media player also offers the same exclusive features but it must be said here that Wondershare video player is far better than window media player as it comes with a huge range of supported file formats to run various types of the movie file including WMV, MP4, 3GP, AAC and many more.

In addition, it can also run an odd movie format. Besides the wonderful features and eye catching effects of this software, sharing the videos on social media websites, applying motion and filtering effects, making use of templates and graphical art, presetting dynamic transitions, stacking music tracks and dragging and dropping media are some of the implausible features that force the editor towards itself.

Undoubtedly, Wondershare Video Editor is an amazing gift for the users; but if we analyze the other side of it then few things have been observed. The video created using the trail version of this software contains a transparent watermark that may be irritating sometimes.

In addition, it is also noted that Wondershare Video Editor does not allow highlighting or cutting the specific part of the video; though, using the provided tool you can snip the clip to the specific length but cannot cut out the clip before adding to main timeline. However, these are the flaws in this software but its numerous attractive features have prevailed upon the negligible flaws.

Concluding overall thoughts, one word can represent the whole picture; Wondershare Video Editing software is simply awesome.

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