Organize Hard Disk Volume Configuration for Optimal Performance with EaseUS Partition Master


There are several people who need to add separate HDD or SSD on their system for extra storage space. In such cases the major problem comes when they need to create partitions or merge the previous drives. They need to setup it all from a scratch that in turn leads to data loss.


EaseUS brings to you a really easy and convenient way of partitioning your drives with their Disk Partition software, EaseUS Partition Manager that can provide you an easy way to create new, merge, delete new or old partitions very easily. It is an easy to use software and therefore you need not have to worry about loosing your data or anything.

The installation of disk partition software is very easy and once it’s done, you can easily create partitions just the way you want them to be. Start using this amazing free partition software to manage your computer data in a much easier way and boost the performance of your disk as well with several performance boosting tools embedded with the software.

Features of EaseUS Partition Master

Now, let us discuss some exciting features of this amazing software.


Merge two adjacent drives

If you have been thinking of compiling your two data drives disks then it is very important for you to know that in regular ways you would require to create a complete backup and then reformat your OS to create the partitions of desired size.

Although with Partition Master the need to reformat the whole system is eliminated. You just need to merge these two drives into one single drive for easy data access and better performance as well.

Easily change the File System Format

It is a very common problem where someone needs to format the whole disk in order to change the file system. The Partition Master tool allows you to shift from NTFS to FAT file system in minutes without formatting the disk.

You can also shift from a dynamic disk to basic disk as per your requirements. It makes it really easy for people to use Windows and Linux simultaneously without facing any issues.

Support for Linux and all hardware RAID formats

The Partition Master allows you to easily delete, create, format and recover the EXT2/EXT3 partition. Thereby it is multi utility software, as it will give you access to managing Linux based partitions as well.

It also provides support for the hard disk, removable storage device, GPT disk and FAT/NTFS/EXT2/EXT3 file systems thereby making it usable on all kinds of computer platforms and delivering a really easy way to manage partitions.

Convert your Primary partition to Logical partition

You can now easily convert your Primary partition to the Logical partition as well without any problem.You can also do the vice versa in case required. It allows you to easily create a fifth drive on a disk with 4 existing primary volumes on your system.

Increase System Performance

The Partition Master 10.2 now allows you to improve your system even better with the disk defragmentation tool. The defragmented drives are faster and really smooth in operation. You can also create WinPE rescue disk for booting up a poor computer.

Easy and safe to use

The Partition Master 10.2 by EaseUS is a very powerful tool for partition management. It is very easy to use and also ensures that your data and PC are safe. You won’t have to face any kind of data loss or a crashed drive by using the tool. It keeps your disk protected in every possible way.

Final Words

It is a really essential tool, if you want to keep your data in a sorted manner and don’t want to go into the formatting and re-installation of your OS. So, go ahead and download it for your system as well.

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