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Digital Marketing

In today’s ever changing digital marketing world, it can be somewhat of a challenge trying to stay up to date. Thankfully, with the equally expansive Internet, you learn about all the latest and greatest from a number of websites. So which ones have the best and most up to date information? Let’s go over just a few.

Digital Marketing


The first resource to mention would have to be DirectMarketingNews. There you’ll find a plethora of information on digital marketing trends, news, and resources; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this website.

On DMN you’ll find valuable tips, a detailed blog, and much more. The blog this website features is a great place to learn or just gain some insight. Though, with all that said, the most appealing aspect of this website is the fact that all the information on it is free to everyone. All of those reasons are what make this one of the best sources to get all the latest digital marketing updates.

Marketing Week

Another wonderful and free place to get the most recent digital marketing updates is Marketing Week. The site is a UK website; however it is still a really good source for information. The section called In-Depth Digital, on this site, is very useful for practically anything you might be looking for on the subject.

They also include pages on trends, opinions, and strategies. Most digital marketing knowledge seekers could gain a lot from Marketing Week.


The third website to mention is a unique one. Mashable is a user friendly and extremely vast social connection website. For those of you looking to stay as digitally and socially connected as possible, this is the place to do it.

Mashable claims to be the largest independent online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology. Upon reviewing the extensive details, content, and work put into it, there was no denying the truth behind their claim.

This website probably should have been the first mentioned, though it is not necessarily easy to use for technologically challenged individuals. However, if you can navigate it, it is a great resource for digital marketing.


Emarketer is another very useful resource in this industry. Whether you need to learn more about commerce, digital marketing, or Internet media, this is a great place to go. At Emarketer they are competitive and strive to keep the most up to date data, statistics, and trends for anyone’s needs.

Here the information and advice are free, though if you are looking to advertise with a respected source, you can do that as well. It could, literally, be considered a one stop shop for digital marketing.

Inbound Hub

Another website that is full of the latest news and trends in the industry is Inbound Hub. At no cost you can learn, research, or dabble in the wide world that is marketing today.

Marketing in the digital age is meant to be more efficient and simpler than in the past, though you need to know how and where. You can find all that right here at Inbound Hub. It is also a well-made and easy to use website that can answer your questions.

Smart Insights

The last website on the list is Smart Insights, which is another immense digital marketing platform. Do you need training, consulting, or advice with an expert? Well this is a great place to start your research or updating process. Some of the features on this website are not free, though they are well worth the cost.

They offer various digital marketing spreadsheets, toolkits, and guide to help you build your own marketing plan. Their blog is updated daily with tons of relevant and insightful content.

The six sites mentioned above are only a small portion of the available resources that can be used to stay up to date with digital marketing. They are some of the most useful and easily accessible, though, and no matter what your marketing needs are anyone of these websites can help you.

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