musicMagpie : One Stop Shop for Extra Cash Trading old DVDs, CDs and Games.


Have you ever thought that you can earn some extra cash trading your old movie DVDs, music CDs and PC/Play station/X-Box games, which you no longer use? Well, your wait is over! Welcome to the world of musicMagpie, your one stop shop to sell your old and unwanted movies/music/games DVDs and CDs!

Well, you might think that it may take a lot of time and effort. Not at all! Let’s explore how you can do so through musicMagpie; a webville offering you cash for all your unwanted movie/music/games DVD’s and CD’s. To get started, let’s first get acquainted with its web portal. Sell your DVDs for cash with – Get the best prices for your old DVDs, plus free shipping.


One you navigate to its web portal, it presents you with a fairly intuitive and easy to use interface with nine menu items listed horizontally across the screen. You can either choose to browse the site to get a first hand idea of what all they offer or read on to discover all the relevant information right here!

To get started register yourself through “Register it’s FREE” (YES, it’s FREE!) radio button located at the upper right hand corner on the home page and then “Sign In”, to get started.

Now to earn some extra cash, it’s as simple as undertaking a reconnaissance around your home and gathering all your old movie/music/games DVD’s and CD’s. Once you have them, try locating their barcode information; usually found on the front of the disk around the center hole. Once you have them, just key in the numbers from the barcode of your respective DVD’s/CD’s into the Valuation Engine to get an instant price offer.

If you find it tedious or have a lot of DVDs and CDs to trade; then simply download musicMagpie’s free intuitive and easy-to-use app from either iTunes or Google Play store to use with your iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone. It will allow you to easily scan all the relevant information from the barcode on your DVD’s and CD’s using your smartphone’s camera into the valuation engine (You can key in as well!) thereby letting you know in an instant, as to how much cash you would get in return for your old stuff.

Furthermore you would be surprised to know that its functionality doesn’t end by just letting you know how much you would get and completing your trade, but can be used to view and manage your orders, along with updating and managing your profile and preferences as well.

And if you have a query you would like to get answered; then look no further than the support tool function built right into it. You can also choose to mail them at along with your order number as well!

Now that you are all set and done, you may be wondering how you can ship them. Well, not much to worry about; guess what? It’s absolutely FREE! Once you complete your trade, pack your stuff in a box and expedite it to them using either UPS or US postal Service, whichever you find most convenient and in return they would send you back a check!

Trading for extra cash in no time for your old movie/music/games DVD’s and CD’s has never been so easy with Enjoy and earn cash by musicMagpieing your old DVD’s and CD’s.

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