Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Cover : Review

Samsung is launching products in its Galaxy series at a brisk pace. Its latest addition is not a smartphone for wireless charging cover. Taking a cue from the Nokia Lumia 920 edition, Samsung is now offering similar wireless charging experience as offered by Nokia Lumia 920.


Charging your mobile can be really frustrating, with all those wires getting tangled and creating a mess at your charging dock. With the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless charging cover, it is now possible for Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone owners to wirelessly charge their handset.

It is an official product offered by Samsung and hence no question can be raised about the fit or quality. Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging cover has been designed exclusively to work with Samsung Galaxy S4.


It fits perfectly at the back of the Samsung Galaxy S4. To place the wireless cover, you need to remove the charging cover and just fit the wireless cover in.This wireless cover allows wireless charging at any time. Wireless charging feature allows user to just put their Samsung S4 into the docking station and their smartphone will get charge wirelessly .

The wireless case has a built in magnetic alignment between the wireless charging pad and back cover making sure that the phone is always placed correctly on the mat for optimum charging.

To start using your wireless back cover for charging, you need to purchase a S4 charging Pad. This S4 charging pad help charge your Samsung Galaxy S4 through the wireless charging cover through electromagnetic field and inductive coupling that send and energy charge from the charging pad to your phone.


This is an amazing space saving way to charge your phone at your desk, office or at home. As it is the official product from Samsung, it has highest product quality and safety standards.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Cover – Video

Wireless charging through inductive charging has been available for some time in the market. But, lack of specifications has severely hampered it growth to become a preferred mode of charging. Samsung wireless charging technology looks very impressive and convenient. Through Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging cover, Samsung has offered the best wireless charging experience to its consumers.

Using Wireless backcover also act as a protector for your phone. It protects your phone from accidental damages due to fall or spillage. It also save your handset from scratches.



Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging cover is available at $60.99 at  Samsung Galaxy S4 case is also available for various other e-retail stores, with pricing varying in same range as


Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging cover is an amazing way to keep your life wire free. You can charge your Samsung galaxy S4 smartphone without ever getting tangled between the mess of wires. Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging cover is available in 2 colors including white and black,

Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging cover white

At $60.99 the pricing looks just right for this amazing product. With all the freedom you will get using Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging cover, you should definitely consider spending the amount . In addition to it, you get protection for your smartphone from accidental spillage, scratch and hits.

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