Facebook Delivers A Comprehensive Solution To Promote Business


Businesses have become more demanding than ever before. This is just because of healthy competition in the market. Every organization is trying to capture the maximum market share even snatching it from the competitors. Businesses are under threats of new entrants and existing competitors as well.


New entrants are conscious about their activities and products as there is no chance for a single mistake. They are not in a position to focus on profits only but they have to pay attention to product quality, features, and market competitive price as well. A large number of companies are entering and leaving the market on a daily basis just because of crucial market conditions.

Effective communication and advancement in information technology has made the whole world as a target market. Organizations are planning border-less activities by keeping in view the international potential consumers. New businesses cannot sell their product unless they engage themselves in promotional campaigns.

Running an effective promotional campaign is not an easy task especially if you are planning to deliver your products across the border. You will need a mechanism that can help to achieve your desired goals while being cost efficient as well. Use of social media has become the most common activity of individuals regardless of age and other factors.

A recent study by Forrester Research -State Of Consumers and Technology: Benchmark 2011, was conducted on different social media websites to know the popularity and usage in public. Facebook is the most commonly used social media by US citizens as 96% of the total adult online using social networks have an account with Facebook.

Ranking Facebook as the number one social network of choice, organizations should also consider either Facebook can be used for business? Lets try to find out the answer to this question.

Facebook allows you to create your business page and if you are having more than 1 domain then you can create these pages according to your choice. The most attractive feature is that you don’t need to pay anything for that. Facebook is highly effective in creating brand awareness as these pages are beyond the restriction of friends and family and anyone can like your page.You have a golden chance to create good repute about your business as you can give feedback to the post and comments by the audience.

Business page are used for effective interaction with the potential and existing customers. You can answer their queries within no time that will create a feel of high importance in customer’s mind. Being the most popular social network, there are more chances to get a large number of target audience that may be in the billions or so. That will provide you the opportunity to get a high volume of leads which is the core purpose of existence of any business.

Your page has the same importance as any website and Facebook have high rank so there are more chances that your page will be appeared in search engine queries.

Facebook pages are extremely convenient to manage as your personal account and you can upload pictures, videos of your business easily. You can share updates and information about your products on an immediate basis and these updates will be visible on the user account wall who like your page.

There is no restriction on liking the page as maximum people can show their interest in your page. You can share your articles, blog posts and guest posts on your page hence you can align other portals with Facebook. Industry-leading social network will make it possible for you to steer traffic to your website that will help to improve the website rank in the search engine’s database. Customer support plays a vital role in making customers more loyal and associated with the brand.

If you provide them effective support in a timely manner then they will be more satisfied and you will be able to promote positive word-of-mouth.

In short, Facebook provides you the solution for every aspect of your business (creating brand awareness to providing after sale service) and has been proven as the most cheap advertisement. Billions of Facebook users are your target audience and you can enjoy the benefit of a large number of customers hence Facebook is the perfect solution for your business.

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