Advantages: Hosting on Cloud and Optimizing Magento site

hosting on cloud

Do you have a Magento Ecommerce site that is slow and unreliable? Then you must seek the right hosting service that can provide you with solid, fully optimized and managed hosting for your users. Poor quality hosting can slow down page speed, cause error and loose revenue through poor customer experience.

hosting on cloud

Magento is an open source platform that needs optimized software configuration and right server hardware in order to succeed. Choose a service provider that can offer world class Cloud Hosting platform, which is made from the ground to cover Magento based websites. Your cloud server will be configured by the expert hosting team to ensure that your store delivers best results.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting has been designed to connect many servers together with the websites hosted on them collectively. It lets your website to optimize the resources it needs without stressing to reach the limits of a single server. Benefits and features of cloud hosting include the following;

Enterprise security

An Ecommerce website strictly needs security while doing transactions. Cloud hosting offers PCI compliant hosting infrastructure that is compliant with application protection, hardware firewalls and surplus DoS/DDoSS mitigation.

Automatically scalable

Cloud hosting Magento site is able to automatically give more resources whenever needed. Hence, you can cope with the demand and traffic and grow.

Completely managed

Cloud hosting of Magento site means everything is taking care of. This means, security updates, attack monitoring and uptime monitoring are taken care of. Whenever a problem arrives, the hosting will take care of and solve it.


Cloud hosting providers generally uses widely accepted asynchronous servers that increase scalability. They would be stable, fast and intuitive as well as serve big and highly traffic websites. They are also capable to run in a fast manner.

Magento support for peace of mind

Magento Ecommerce sites have a mission-critical ambiance and you need to protect your online income as well as provide high quality customer experiences. For this, you have to ensure that your website is supported with high quality Magento technical services whenever there is an outage.

Choose a high quality support team

Ensure the support team professionals are leading Magento specialists and are capable to pace all appropriate practices. Years of experience of the team in managing and supporting different and versatile Magento sites and ambiances should be checked and ensured.

Find and prevent

Choose a Magento support team that can prevent problems before they happen. Experienced service providers basically develop a long-term relationship with clients so that they can actively check problematic areas in their site before it becomes a business issue.

When something goes wrong, clients are asked to rely on guaranteed response time and efficient resolution processes of their service provider to solve the issues as fast as possible.

Practical approach to resolution

Cloud hosting companies practically diagnose issues and possible inherent causes behind the conditions and strive to give and execute resolutions. The companies will also preserve data about issues identified and the right resolutions and workarounds to them.

An experienced and skilled cloud hosting Magento specialist will aim to find out the root cause and execute permanent resolutions to them.

Precise communication

Workplace environment seems to be complex and are generally managed by many external parties. Cloud hosting give a good emphasis on effective communication among all parties and make available your systems at an optimum level.

There are many cloud hosting companies offering services for your Magento Ecommerce site. They may have different Magento support packages that reflect the most popular Magento Ecommerce requirements. You have to provide them with your requirements and estimate, so they can offer you the best package.

Magento Technical Optimization

When optimizing Magento SEO, you need to get the more recent version and make the Server URL to rewrite. It is recommended to put the ‘Add store code to URLs’ option to ‘No’. Keep your keywords at the beginning of your listing so that you can increase chances of page ranking.

Also, change the default Magento title to a more descriptive title for your site. When it comes to CMS settings, you must give quality content to each page, choose a page title and a SEF URL identifier and make a description for all pages you want to rank with.

Magento Template Optimization

Use a Blank Magento SEO Theme on the basis of the Core Magento Blank Theme for blank template optimization. Don’t over use headings and put a title of the content in the tag. Also, put keywords and make the text suitable to your store. Remove all the CSS and JavaScript in the template files to external CSS and JavaScript files.

This will bring best Magento SEO results. Speed is another important element to determine your page indexation by search engines. Enable caching and put a good cloud host and server configuration for increased speed. Decrease the number of external files and combines them into one is also a better way to elevate your store’s speed.

Sophisticated Magento SEO

If all other elements went right, then the main problem will be due to duplicate contents. Generally, most product review pages will have same contents. Another issue is categories where you get lots of duplicate content with layered navigation and sorting options.

You can install the Yoast robots Meta module to keep indexing of non-content pages from occurring. Stopping linking your wishlist, login, checkout with other non-content pages will help you make your Magento SEO more efficient. There is also a ‘No-plugin’ available to work on this issue in Magento.

If you recommend preferred version of the URL for every page, then search engines can easily recognize the duplicate content on your site. You can employ the Canonical URL tag through installing the canonical URL’s for Magento session. Using XML sitemaps you can direct search engines to your site content. It will help your pages indexed faster. Thus, keep these factors in mind and go ahead with your Magento optimization practices.

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