Microblogging through WordPress

Nowadays social networking sites are gaining immense popularity. The reason behind this is that this is the easiest and quickest way of communication a message is only transmitted once and hundreds of people can have access to it. It makes you feel connected to the world.

As simple as that

Presently, with technology being so advance, solutions to most of your problems are a click away on your computer. When it comes to microblogging sites such as twitter, often this thought crosses our minds whether it is possible to create our very own and personal microblogging site or not.

The very simple and straightforward answer is WordPress. It will utterly help you, assist you and rightfully guide you to create your own network (like twitter) to keep in touch with your friends, business or relatives quite conveniently. The process to make this possible is extremely easy-thanks to word press!

It’s the easy way around

Undoubtedly, micro blogging is a useful and efficient tool when it comes to stay connected with your friends, colleagues or family members. Twitter continues to help us do this but still has its limitations. Most importantly, when it comes to private networking, it is not a good choice.

Here is where WordPress come to your aid, sorting your way through the path leading to your very own microblogging site in a very user friendly way. Doesn’t that sound amazing!? While finding an easy and quick way to find such a site, you may stumble upon many sites but none makes it as easy as WordPress does.

How to do it?

Installing the WordPress in your server is first thing which needs to be done for this purpose by registering at WpWebHost using Fantastic and it will be automatically installed.

An extremely fantastic theme has been launched by WordPress for the purpose of social microblogging. It is available for free by the name of P2. After downloading this archive is to be uncompressed and this will be followed by uploading to WordPress theme directory of the WordPress installed earlier. After login in the dashboard, select appearance themes, selecting and activating the P2 theme.

How to make the network private

Using a WordPress plugin,namely private WP, get that and by extracting archive on the hard drive, upload Private WP to WP content/plugins directory of the WordPress install. After that simply activate the plugging on the dashboard . This way, it will be more secure not prone to insecurity.


So, was it just not a piece of cake? Once more WordPress have been successful in proving itself as being extensible and impeccably powerful. Without any intricate, complex and painstaking effort, having your very own micro blogging site have now become possible. With a bit of innovative thought and creative work, exchanging this twitter- like site is simply not a big deal.

For instance, a page template can be created which lists out the members, or filter posts to read only a handful of already selected members. Isn’t that interesting? Now go ahead and make your microblogging site in just 30 minutes.

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