Conversion Killers: 4 Copy Writing Mistakes that can Cost you Life


A brilliant copy is not the by-product of a beautiful mind, not always of course. As a copy writer, you need to learn customers’ psychology, what they like and what they hate and of course you need to have a proper understanding of the things that actually trigger conversion.

However, just learning these tricks by heart is not enough; you need to know what kills a conversion; otherwise you will always be struggling to increase the number of conversion to your website. Here in this article, we are going to share some common conversion killers that you need to be aware of:

Long and Boring copy


I hope you are well aware of the fact that people are not going to read a long and boring sales copy simply because they lack the time and energy to go through the boring piece of shit. So, please do not irritate your audience with a long and boring sales copy. Try to sum up things succinctly and do not extend points unnecessarily. However, there are some glorious exceptions. Long copy does not necessarily be treated as conversion killer.

They can sometimes contribute to the increase in conversion rate given the fact that the concept is a bit complex; so need a bit explanation. I have personally seen sites saw major uptick in the conversion rate when the shift from short sales copy to a long one.

Think about the Structure of the page

Rare is the occasion when you see people are landing on a page that has multiple columns of text and then are getting converted. Multi columns layout may make it easier for you to read the texts but when it comes to conversion this layout plays spoil sport. So, you need to settle with single column layout since it makes it easier for people to concentrate and helps them make a quick decision.

Single column layout makes it easier for people to locate the most important sections of the page and by adding some cool graphics, sub headings and bulleted points, you will be able to make the readers go through the entire page.

However, if you are adamant on using multi-columns layout, you should not be using only texts; you need to use images and texts simultaneously so that readers give equal attention to all the sections of the page.

Give something free


It is strange but most people cannot differentiate between these types of two offers – 50% off on something and 50% extra. They take both of them as equivalent. So, in order to seize their attention, you need to understand how customers see a particular offer and how they behave.

So, if you are selling baby product or biscuit, you should not talk about discount because people have a tendency to associate  low pricing with poor quality; rather you should be talking about the size of the box, tell them that you are offering 20% or 30% extra. But when you are selling PC, you should be talking about the free accessories that the customers are supposed to get with the product.

Believe me you Are Not a Popular Brand Like Facebook


Yes believe me or not, your brand is not that popular that of Facebook and that being said, you should not be asking me to write a copy just like theirs. Facebook’s landing page copy manages to cut an ice with its targeted audience because of their brand name.

Following the same style may cause disaster with your marketing policy. You need to be cool, creative and casual with the readers and provide them the reasons why they should stick on your website and convert.

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