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Though many people assume otherwise, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not all about some HTML tricks. To get a higher ranking in search engines the website must be an informative and interesting one. If the page is really helpful other web page administrators will post links of the website to their pages.

All these external links that the website gets are assessed and computed by search engines; for instance Google uses an advanced algorithm for this, which is known as PageRank. Nevertheless, search engine optimization can be a crucial element in determining the success or failure of a website.


So why is SEO so important? Basically, it gives you higher page rank and the higher page rank a website gets, the closer it will be in the top search results. Now the question is – are there any special steps you could follow for that? Certainly there are some.

Using Highly Optimized Press Release

A high-quality press release, rich with related information can make a huge difference in SEO. If the target audience notices this on Google or Yahoo News, many of them will click on it and thus increase the website traffic. If it is a well-designed press release – one that is filled with keywords related to the website – many more will stumble across the page. If the press release really have informational value, (in reality very few do), more websites and bloggers will pick it up – and will most likely post the links of the website in their web pages.

Fine-tuning Title Tags

Because of lack of awareness, many sites make a silly but potentially fatal mistake, which is forgetting to change the default “Home Page” titles. All these tags provide a very important way to supply search engines with information about the content and function of a website.

Being Cautious Is Being Smart

The truth is there are many keywords in some categories which are fiercely contested, such as “refinancing”, “internet marketing”, “free money” and so on. For these hot keywords, there might be thousands of competitors working hard for position in search results. When chances are pretty slim in showing up higher in search results for those keywords, it is better to use similar common keywords which are not so fiercely contested.

Optimizing for the Right Keywords

Often, when optimizing the keywords developers of many new websites do not bother to find out what phrases and keywords people actually are using while searching for the product or service that they want. That is why it is very important to find out related words and phrases that will give the website a higher ranking.

Connecting the Keyword Dots

Spelling everything out and using acronyms too is a great idea to maximize the power of SEO. For instance, you should write “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” instead of only “Search Engine Optimization” because the target audience is just as likely to Google for the full term as they are for the acronym. It should be kept in mind that there are multiple ways by which the same information can be presented.

Thinking like A Search Engine Spider

Before starting a big website project it is always a good idea to evaluate the previous projects. It is really important to understand how search engine spiders index the website, how much time it takes to load pages, and which type of web contents are effective to attract the spiders.

Providing Sitemaps

Google as well as Yahoo allows a web developer to submit detailed site maps of a website. This enables them to index a website more extensively. Moreover, setting up a frequent site map submission timeline can be effective, because by this way Google, Yahoo and other search engines will be always up-to-date with the latest information about the site.

Getting Help

If a website is too big and sophisticated then it would be best to get someone who really understands what he can do with search engine optimization. Little knowledge is always dangerous – it can make the website penalized or even banned by the search engines completely.

In a nutshell it can be said that a well-thought-out and high quality search engine optimized website, which is full with useful keyword phrases and updated regularly, is more likely to gain popularity, faster than other similar websites.

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