How to Choose the Best Online CRM for Beginners

There are so many online CRM systems in the market today, and since all of them claim to be the best, a first-time buyer can find it a daunting task to buy the best one. The good thing though is that it should not be too hard if one could just take the time to know a few features in the system.

One thing that is for sure though is that buying this system is the best decision that a small-business owner can make. It gives more than enough value for money.


What features should one consider in their Online CRM?

1. Customization

This is very important since not all businesses have the same needs or have the same structure. Ok, customer relationship management needs might be just about the same but there are some outstanding differences that cannot be ignored. Therefore, every company needs a system that they can tweak and tune up here and there to make it fit their needs to the T. The customization feature is so important such that many CRM providers use it as their strongest bargaining point.

2. The Prices

So the CRM might be the next-best thing for business, but that does not mean that it should cost the company a fortune. All other operation costs have to be met, and they too are equally important to the running of the business. The smartest thing that one can do when buying is shop around as much as possible to ensure that they get the best price. In addition, one should also consider the after sale service, for example, will the CRM seller train the IT staff how to handle the system? Some of the systems have complex features.

3. The online CRM must be easy to integrate with the existing IT system

It does not make sense to buy a system that will force you to overhaul the IT system. Will it be able to collate data from the telephone system? Will it also be able to collate data from the Accounting department, especially if you use cloud accounting? These and many more things must be taken into consideration when buying.

4. Is the system very new in the market?

If yes, perhaps it might not be a good idea to buy. When you are investing a substantial amount of money in Online CRM systems, you want to learn the experiences of other users first. Chances are that if they enjoyed using the system, then you too will. Therefore, look for customer reviews. Never buy in a hurry but always take your time to look for information. That is how you get the best value for money.

5. Look for easy to use CRM

There is no sense in investing money in a system that will force the IT department to go back to school to learn how it is used. The great idea here is that you want to know how to drive the sales up and at the same time, improve the customer service. If possible, you would like to do that without encountering any glitches in the process.

Only the very best systems can offer that. When you are looking for a long-term investment for business like the CRM, you know very well that you can never be cautious enough. It is better to err on the side of caution than be sorry later.

Investing in the online CRM is the best idea for business today as you have learned from this article, but you know what – that is not enough. You have to buy the best. As pointed out, you have to look for features like customizations, integration of more products like the payroll, SMS and so forth.

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