How To Get Popular Bloggers To Promote Your Business


Many businesses advertise online by purchasing banner spots or via pay per click campaigns. However, many neglect to build relationships with popular bloggers in order to promote their products or services.


A small campaign may involve sending a blog owner free product in return for an unbiased review. Let’s take a look at how you can harness the power of popular bloggers in your advertising campaign.

Identify Key Bloggers

The first step is to identify popular blogs in your niche and to contact them. You can find blogs in your niche by doing a Google search for “your niche+blogs”. For example, if you work in the automotive industry, simply search for “car blogs” or “auto blogs”. Check the page rank of the blog in question and the Alexa rating for traffic statistics. Most blog owners will have their contact information available in the “About” section of their blog. You will want to target blog owners with a large readership and who are “experts” in their field.

Offer Products For Review

One way of getting plenty of free press for your product is to send a free sample of your product to the blog owner in return for a review. Most blog owners will post very in-depth review detailing their experience using your product. Some may even create a Youtube video review. Many cosmetic companies routinely provide bloggers with beauty samples.  You can never expect a positive review just because you offered the blog owner a free sample or test drive.

Keep in mind that blog owners are usually objective and are generally opinionated and honest when it comes to reviews. You can expect positive and less than perfect reviews. Another tactic is to contact local blogs. For example, a car dealership such as Honda Carland and based out of Atlanta can contact local blog owners and ask them to write a post about local events they may be sponsoring. It’s all about being creative and thinking outside the box.

Creative Campaigns

Let’s take a look at some of the more creative blogging campaigns. Some car companies have offered auto blog owners the ability to test drive one of their cars in return for a review. Other car companies have actually recruited blog owners as part of their campaign. For example, during the launch of the Ford Fiesta, Ford Motors contacted influential bloggers and loaned them a Fiesta in exchange for a review. Not only did the blog owners write vivid accounts about their experience but they also posted about it on their social media accounts including Twitter and Facebook. The result of Ford’s campaign was that they got blog owners to do the actual promoting for them on and it went viral.

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