Add Yahoo Messenger to your Blog & Chat With Visitors!

Yahoo! introduced Yahoo! Messenger 9 and a new service called Pingbox which is like a live chat box (in the form of a Flash Widget) that you may embed in any website or blog including your MySpace page.

Like the Google Talk badge, site visitors can send your private messages via the Pingbox chat box without requiring any IM client.

There are however some differences and the most noticeable one is that Yahoo! Pingbox embed inline in your website while Google Talk opens a pop-up window. The downside of Yahoo’s approach is that it extend the loading time of web pages because the widget will always download with the page.

Themes inside Yahoo! Pingbox Studio

Another difference is that you can customize the look-n-feel of your Yahoo! Pingbox through the dozen or so themes available in the Pingbox studio.

Thge Pingbox widget on the site will reflect the current status of your Yahoo! Messenger and will automatically become unavailable when you go offline or set your status as ‘invisible.’

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