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3 Easy Steps to Recover Hard Drive Data Using Hetman 2.1

Somehow lost or deleted an important partitions from hard drive? Don’t panic and immediately stop using the problem drive to ensure that deleted stuff won’t get overwritten or damaged. Try Hetman Partition recovery software that helps you safely bring back the required files from such data loss instances without investing too much time and efforts. […]

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When Do You Need to Worry About Latency?

As you begin to compare data center options, you’re probably going to hear a lot about latency — as in, nearly every provider promises the lowest latency rates in the industry. Latency, in the simplest terms, is the length of the delay between your servers and the users calling up the information. No matter how […]

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An SSL FAQ – Guide

Many people ask questions about what SSL is and why it is beneficial to have. So, here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand the function and importance of it: What is an SSL certificate? To be blunt, an SSL certificate is a small piece of code inputted onto your web server to […]

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Data recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Software – Review

We all have gone through the harrowing experience of the worst kind pertaining to lost data. You are in the midst of preparing an important document for an important presentation when all of a sudden, there’s a thunderstorm brewing and then it hits your area and all power is knocked out. Then when the storm […]

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Casino bill stalls as Japanese turn to their smartphones

It looks increasingly likely that Japan will hold fire on passing a bill to legalise casinos, even as the country’s gamblers increasingly enjoy state of the art smartphone opportunities to play online. A series of political scandals have derailed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s attempts to pass a bill designed to enable the construction of multi-million […]

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cash register

Using The Right Cash Registers At The Counter

Every business that sells products directly to customers must have a proper cash register. The registers of old do not offer much in the way of functionality, and they do not allow the business to change the register over time. However, a quality cash register allows the business to expand easily at the counter. Using […]

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