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Casino bill stalls as Japanese turn to their smartphones

It looks increasingly likely that Japan will hold fire on passing a bill to legalise casinos, even as the country’s gamblers increasingly enjoy state of the art smartphone opportunities to play online. A series of political scandals have derailed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s attempts to pass a bill designed to enable the construction of multi-million […]

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cash register

Using The Right Cash Registers At The Counter

Every business that sells products directly to customers must have a proper cash register. The registers of old do not offer much in the way of functionality, and they do not allow the business to change the register over time. However, a quality cash register allows the business to expand easily at the counter. Using […]

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How Mobile Is Your Business?

Mobility has shaped the success of many businesses outside of telecommunications. As new apps are developed on a regular basis, greater functionality can be achieved through the use of smartphones and tablets. Depending on the type of business you own, it’s feasible to control every aspect of the organization from the device you have in […]

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POS System

3 Ways Your POS System Can Make You Profitable

For centuries now, merchants have been looking at efficient ways to track their sales. From abacus to calculus, it’s amazing how point of sale machines have evolved over time to where they are now. They’ve come a long way from calculating simple arithmetic for sales transactions. Point of sale systems are now more similar to […]

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Best Engineering Colleges in India

To start a career in engineering, Every student wants to join an best engineering college. Across India, there are approximately more than 5672 Engineering Colleges. Well, that’s a big number. For every student, after pursuing 12th, the most important thing to do is to select the best engineering college to kick start their career. Based […]

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Online Time Clock Technology

Online time clock technology from a company like Allied Time allows a business to track what every employee does when they come to work. These pieces of technology are used to make sure that employees have an easy way to clock in and out, but these pieces of technology help the company account for all […]

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