Best way to Edit Video and Add Audio Now


The amazing film director David Lynch once said that: ‘Motion pictures are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound.’ Although having superbly made soundtrack is as imperative as having the flawlessly filmed video, most youthful film and video creators overlook that sound can assist them with creating a more total and sensational visual item. Adding music to your videos can set the state of mind of your video and what’s more, it can enable you to connect with the viewer of your video much more.

In this article, we will demonstrate to you how you can add music to your videos with Movavi video editor in only a couple of straightforward steps that are strikingly simple to perform. We should observe how you can easily add music to your videos in Movavi. Presently let us observe the procedure to add music to video.


  1. How to Add Music to Videos with Movavi Video Editor?

After your video recording session is finished and your newly caught footage is securely exchanged from your camera to a hard drive, the time has come to begin the after generation process. Movavi video editor will empower you to change the audio track of your video file in any capacity you need.

  1. Making Us of Movavi

So as to start this procedure, you should first dispatch the Movavi video editing programming and select the ‘Make venture in full element mode’ choice from the inviting window. When you wind up in the editor, tap on the ‘Add Media Files’ to import the video and audio files you might want to use in your new undertaking.

  1. Editing audio files

Each file you chose will be naturally added to the Movavi’s course of events, the video files will be shown on the ‘Video Track’, while the audio files will be situated on the ‘Audio Track’. Isolate audio and video files don’t really coordinate long and if so you can basically put the red marker toward the finish of your video and snap ‘Split’ catch to expel the excess piece of the audio file.

  1. Exporting your venture

On the off chance that the accomplished outcomes live up to your desires continue to Export your naturally finished venture. Select the coveted video organization and set the goal envelope by tapping on ‘Spare to’ field and after that basically hit Start and sit tight for your video to be exported.

Sound Effects

Various audio editing alternatives like ‘Music Speed’, ‘Blur In’, ‘Become dim’ or ‘Pitch’ can likewise be utilized to tweak the music files clients need to incorporate into videos they make with Movavi moreover.

These are the procedures that you should be cautious about. Without a doubt this is something that you should be watchful about. On the off chance that the correct steps are taken, at that point it is for certain that you will have the most intelligent alternatives for the same.


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