The 10 Best Education Apps for Android

education apps for android

Advancement in technology has resulted in the development of plenty of apps and software for almost everything we need. So, when it comes to education, there are numerous educational apps available too. Given below is a list of the 10 best Education Apps for Android which can be easily accessed on any Android device.

education apps for android

These educational apps are developed keeping in mind the needs of students. These apps cover notes, lectures and topics related to different subjects and courses. Android users can make use of these apps to learn new things, make notes, share files with friends, set reminders, track progress and a lot more.


Coursera is a quite handy app which is equipped with over 200 free courses covering more than 20 subjects like science, math, music and many more. The app allows the users to become a part of various courses which are offered by top level institutions and universities from all over the world.

Moreover, you can enroll in the classes, watch content, download and stream video lectures according to your own time and convenience. The classes are quite interactive and are accessible in 14 different languages.


Evernote comes with a user- friendly, neat and clean interface that makes it an ideal educational app for students. Using Evernote, students can make to-do lists, attach files, prepare notes, create agendas, set reminders and much more. The app has an inbuilt camera features that allows users to capture photos of anything and save it as a document or photo. This app is also capable of syncing content over multiple devices.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is completely free to access online education platform where students can get access to more than 4000+ videos lectures covering various subject lines such as math, humanities, science, economics, computer science etc. Students can take help of the app to understand complex topics.

The app offers explanations of complex topics in an easy and understandable language. Moreover, you can also keep a track of your progress using the app.


Busuu is another great educational app for Android that helps you learn new languages. With the help of Busuu you can learn to read, write and speak in 11 different languages. The learning techniques incorporated in the app are quite interactive, impactful and more interesting than just reading dry books.

With a, excessive user base of over 45 million users, Busuu gives you an opportunity to interact with each other and practice speaking your new language with the native speakers. The app also allows you to set goals and see your progress.


Dropbox is a useful application that enables the users to organize and manage their education that means you can store all the material related to study at one place. The app enables you to access all your important documents, notes, photos, videos on almost every device.

On signing up to Dropbox you are provided with 2GB space. Moreover, there are various options available for adding and syncing files to your favorites list so that you can view them even in offline mode. You can also share files using the app.


As evident from the name itself, Quizlet is an app designed for rapid study sessions. The elementary app enables the users to create their own personalized flashcards by using audio, texts and images.

You can even browse various user- created quizzes related any topic one could think of. The intuitive and easy setup of the app makes it worth trying. Also do not forget to take the quiz session for Bitstat exam as here is the bitsat 2016 exam date.


Learnist is a social network platform for knowledge. The users can access various collections of video content and texts which are further available in the form of lessons that cover number of topics. Learnist is a complete app within itself. It offers almost everything whether you are looking for certain movie making points or wish to access information on the history of an artist.


Wikepedia is a popular site which is used by millions of people for accessing information related to any topic. The official app of this website allows you to access the encyclopedia’s catalog which contains over 32 million articles that are available in over 280 languages. There are even additional options available for quick sharing of articles on social media sites such as Twitter etc or for use in offline mode.


This app gives you access to a huge library of over 1,700 TED Talks videos along with interesting presentations and revolutionary ideas from top tech gurus, musical legends, education radicals, business gurus and many more.


Studying and learning are the foundation for knowledge. With the help of StudyBlue one can make as well as share plenty of mobile flashcards, quizzes, study guides etc. you can even make a choice from the huge collection of student- authored flashcards and flashcard decks. After this, either accept your score or try hard in order to top it.

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