A Guide to Google Chrome Extensions

Google chrome extension

One of the best things about Chrome is the ability to use extensions. Extensions are basically small software packages that let you modify your chrome experience without having to delve deep into the code or changing your settings.

Google chrome extension

The great thing about these extensions is that they offer exceptional productivity with minimal interface. If you wanted to use one for something, it most likely will work in the background, and you won’t have to bother with activating it all the time.

There are a ton of different extensions that you can use to improve your experience on your browser. Instead of listing the best ones you can get, we will discuss specific themes and types of Chrome extensions and the most popular ones in every category.


Improving productivity could arguably be the most important use of Google Chrome extensions. Thankfully, developers have paid attention to this category the most and some of the best extensions you can get on the browser are available in the productivity category.

Any.do, for example, is one of the most popular to-do list apps. It turns Gmail messages into tasks and lets you drag and drop tasks into the browser as well. Then there is Grammarly, an automatic grammar checker that can come very handy if you are a writer or blogger. It is the best way to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes in any email you might send as well.


Web security is getting ever more important now. Thankfully there are a ton of Google extensions you could use to secure your sensitive data online. Take BugMeNot, for example. This free extension fills web login forms with anonymous data so that you don’t have to part with your email and details on every website you visit.

Then there is LastPass which is an extension that lets you access all websites with a single secure password. You can also follow these helpful tips regarding passwords across all browsers.

One of the best ways to secure your web activities is by using a VPN. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a web tunnel that encrypts your connection and masks your data while you browse online. This can protect you from hackers and malware as well. You should probably do your research to find the best one which you can install onto your browser for the highest level of protection available online.


Extensions like Google Drive are excellent for students nowadays. A lot of homework and research happens online now so having all your study related tools on your browser is probably a great idea. Of course there are the likes of Evernote which will always be handy for those last minute exam revisions.

Web Developing

Coding and web developing are increasingly being done on the browser. With specialized tools designed to help you code better and more efficiently, you can really improve your productivity online.

Codeanywhere lets you use a cross-platform coding tool on Chrome which syncs across devices. There is Firebug, which lets you debug, monitor HTML, CSS and Javascript live right on the webpage. This tool is very easy and works as a sort of alternative to Chrome Dev Tools. Other tools that are essential for developers include Session Manager, Clear Cache and Chrome Sniffer.


You can trust Google to come up with the finest apps for its own browser. There are a range of Google extensions which you could use online which may help you improve productivity.

This is especially true if you use most of Google’s other products. There are extensions for almost all of the tech giant’s products including Gmail, Drive, Google Play and Maps. There is a whole range of more obscure Google apps that are just as fantastic. For example, there is one that lets you check your Gmail offline and one that helps you develop your own tools.

There are a number of reasons why Google Chrome has quickly become such a popular web browser and the fact that you have so many extensions to choose from is one of them. Go ahead and add the ones you think will help you most as you surf the net.

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