Browser ID : The New Login System By Mozilla Is Ready to Roll

Browser ID is a new service implemented by Mozilla, which had already been announced some time ago. Its premise is simple and straightforward: It allows users to control their access to different sites safer, functions running in the browser and checking the identity of users based on asymmetric cryptography.

Today, the Browser ID system is ready and the company is implementing in its different services, and to present and provide developers with the tools necessary for those wishing to do the same. Ben Adida, Head of Security and Identity in Mozilla, explains that “Too many websites store user information and act in place of these. And while the browser can be completely under user control, services are not. And sometimes, these web services manipulate data questionable and harmful ways.”

Why BrowserID?

For a Web developer, creating a new application always involves an annoying hurdle like how do users sign in? An email address with a confirmation step is the classic method, but it demands a user’s time and requires the user to take an extra step and remember another password. Outsourcing login and identity management to large providers like Facebook, Twitter, or Google is an option, but these products also come with lock-in, reliability issues, and data privacy concerns.

How Browser ID Works ??

  1. On your favorite website that supports BrowserID, Click the ‘Sign In’ button .
  2. Select your preferred Email.
  3. No passwords necessary, you’re done!

With BrowserID, there is a better way to sign in. BrowserID implements the verified email protocol, which offers a streamlined user experience. A user can prove their ownership of an email address with fewer confirmation messages and without site-specific passwords.

Browser ID should be an important alternative to OpenID, but as always, that remains to be seen. Is the supposed advantage of Browser ID? Increased safety, or so claim from Mozilla. Ben Adida adds that “Clearly needs to improve and provide Mozilla, Firefox browser in addition, some services that can improve user control over their own online experience and personal data.”

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