Mobogenie: All-in-one Android Smartphone PC Manager

Smartphones have literally become the backbones of each and every individual’s life. From the personal memories in the form of photographs and videos to the professional appointments, meetings and presentations, everything eventually make its way into our smartphones.


Most phones these days do not come along with a PC suite. But thanks to a thoughtful software developer, we have software that can help us access and manage our smartphone’s data conveniently without much hindrance!

Mobogenie : Android Smartphone PC Manager

Mobogenie is making a huge name for itself and the Android Manager helps you create a backup of all your data. Having a backup is as vital as charging your smartphone. Once your data is accidentally erased from your smartphone it is practically impossible to retrieve that data again! Therefore, one must always keep a backup of his important files.

User Interface

What does it take for a software to win its customers’ hearts? An extremely easy to navigate and user friendly interface! Mobogenie ensures that it doesn’t disappoint its customers in this field! With an interface that is fluid, your home screen will display options like “Mobile Phone Management” which will help you manage your contacts, apps and SMS and “Tools You May Like” which will let you manage the files and data stored within your SD Card.

Apart from the options, the software displays colored markers that help you understand how much space the apps, videos or the images are occupying!

Features You Cannot Miss!

Mobogenie aims at ensuring that the task of managing data on Android phone is reduced to an extent and made extremely easy for its users. Installing Mobogenie into your smartphone is easy!

In order to actually use the Mobogenie app the user must connect their smartphone to their PC or laptop with the help of a USB cable. After the phone is connected to the computer a live preview of the device is made available on the left side of the screen. A list of all the features that the software will offer is presented to the users.

On selecting the option of Managing the SD Card, the program will allow you to explore the SD or the memory card.

A Backup and Restore Option is also available which helps you save vital data from your phone to the local hard drive. You can select to Restore File as and when it is required. With the help of this option, you can backup all the important data which your Android phone carries which includes contacts, messages, apps, videos, images and music. Making a backup of your data and restoring them is important, and the Android Manager performs this task flawlessly.

Another option that may interest most of you is the Mobile Phone Management. With the help of this option, you can conveniently manage your contacts, apps, SMS, images, music and videos. The Android Manager lets you add edit and delete various contacts in your contact book. The app also helps you get rid of the annoyance of duplicate contacts in your book. Mobogenie also lets you preview your text messages and with just one click on a specific message, the entire conversation opens up.

Another impressive feature of the software is its ability to manage apps. The Android Manager software helps you conveniently manage your apps and in turn easily add and delete various apps. You can also update the apps by using your PC’s internet connection rather than the 2G data plan provided by your service provider.

What’s Different About Mobogenie?

There are a number of various Android Managing suites available in the market today. In comparison with the other mobile suites what makes Mobogenie rather unique are some other features. These features include, games, ringtones, wallpapers and apps which are available to the users to download. Apart from this, Mobogenie also allows its users to download YouTube videos with the help of a YouTube Downloader.


Numerous games, apps, wallpapers and ringtones are available for the user to choose. The items are categorized according to their Theme, and Popularity. With just a click, you can install the app into your phone or save your preferred wallpaper and ringtones into your device.

The YouTube Downloader on the other hand, lets you navigate through the videos available in the most popular video site YouTube. In case you wish to download any specific video all you have to do is open that video and click on the download option. You can also save the video in the format of your choice.


Mobogenie is an amazing Android Manager that is successful in delivering the services that it has promised to. It is easy, convenient and user friendly. It lets you make backup of your files and restores data as and when required. It helps you manage your contacts, apps, SMS and other multimedia stored on your SD Card. Despite this the software enables you to choose and download ringtones, wallpapers, apps and games.

The YouTube Downloader feature of Mobogenie lets you download YouTube videos for free. The other striking feature about the software is that in case you do not have data pack activated on your phone, you can connect your phone to your PC and use the internet connection of the PC.

Overall, Mobogenie isn’t really disappointing. It performs well in its capabilities and effectively delivers what it has apparently promised to.

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