Create Your own Online Store through eCommerce Website Builder

eCommerce Website Builder

In today’s world, when more and more people are getting online everyday for doing all sorts of work, including shopping. Having your own eCommerce website is an absolute necessity . But, coding involved in creating complex shopping carts, makes sellers reluctant to go online. With eCommerce website builders like, creating own eCommerce website has become very easy and much cheaper.

eCommerce Website Builder

Online or offline, customers needs great experience. There are few features, which you must include in your eCommerce store to ensure that customers are satisfied with their shopping experience.

1. Product details

Customer needs to know product specifications and details before they make purchasing decisions. Most of the websites misses on this part. According to the type of product you are selling, kind of description varies and you must keep the customer expectations in mind.

If you are selling books, you can add a single paragraph description of the book, but if you are selling laptops, you have to include the detailed description of the machines. Processor ,ram,hard disk capacity, battery life etc.

2. Product walkthrough

Before putting in the money, customer wants to get the feel of the product. If it is a book, customer is interested in, he might like to see some pages of the book, while if they wants to purchase a software, a demo walk through of the software will help seal the deal. This is a similar kind of experience customer have when they purchase from a physical store and giving such experience while they are shopping online is the key to get the sale complete.

3. Search Box

There could be thousands of product on your eCommerce website. Customer would not like to go through each product of your website to find that one product. An effective search box will help them to find the exact product they are looking for . Search box must also have the facility to correct misspelled words and suggest right products, every time customer put a query through the search box.

4. Easy Navigation

An eCommerce website can be very confusing to navigate through, especially if products are not properly categorized. A navigation bar, with each category for the product listed in proper order is very handy and gives quick reach to the products. Keeping the number of clicks to the minimum , will ensure a faster experience to the customer and hence will help get the sale done much faster and with better rate.

5. Payment System

The most important part of a eCommerce website is when customer makes the payment. It has to be secure, such that customer feels confident while entering their credit card details. A confirmation message has to be send on customers mobile and email to assure the customer that the payment has been received. In case of failure proper steps must be defined and customers must be in loop for the process of refund.

These are just few of the features, which are required in an eCommerce website. Clearly it needs lots of coding and development. Building your own eCommerce website from scratch can be really costly and troublesome. An eCommerce website builder is a tool, which gives predefined tools, like search boxes, professional templates, payment system etc. So that you just need to drag drop the features you are looking for and you get your own eCommerce website faster and cheaper. is one such website which provides professional pre-made templates, various functions required in an eCommerce website, like flexible product options, mobile version of the eCommerce website and much more. You can try it for free and when you decide to go for the paid plan, upgradation is easy and seamless.

Ecommerce website is more than a choice, it is a necessity. Developing a great eCommerce store is a hassle and eCommerce website builders like can make this process simpler and faster.

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