How Magento Extensions Impact Business through Social Media

Today, e-commerce, the practice of selling and buying over the Internet, is becoming the norm in most countries. I can say, e-commerce is not only providing a way to do our old processes to work better but rather it provides a mean to break with tradition and create new ways of doing business.

Social media and e-commerce are the two mile-stones which rule over the internet. We can’t imagine internet without e-commerce and socail media. Businesses of any size needs to compete effectively online. The best way to reach this, is magento.

The ultimate goal for a businessman is to reach all the people in the nook and corner of the world and to increase the productivity of the business. This open source, mega-commerce platform has a reputation for being powerful and flexible.

Reasons to use magento for e-commerce websites

In the world of e-commerce there are lots of tools available to be used in web designing and development. Out of all these most preferrable one is magento due to it’s stunning themes. Magento extensions are becoming more popular because of their unique features for e-commerce websites . Here I have listed a few reasons for using magento in e-commerce websites.

  • Easy content administration independent on design appearance.
  • Multi-store capabilities.
  • Can easily integrated with other sites.
  • Well-arranged user levels and users accounts management and many more.

Magento ecommerce without social media


As our society becomes more ingrained in the social media culture, consumers are starting to rely more and more on going to their friends for their online shopping advice. Building an e-commerce site is to attract people toward the business and making them as your customer by buying goods online. This absolute aim cannot be achived without social media, as our people are becoming more social media familliarizers.

Magento ecommerce sites are null without social media. Because it creates a complete impact about our business among the people, whether it may be a good impact or a bad one. The best way to attract people is by creating an attractive facebook or twitter page as these pages make your business more popular online.

The pages tell the customers clearly “what you are”and “where you are.” Without these kinds of socail media activities you cannot gain more customers. We can easily build more traffic towards your site by social media. It reduces the cost of amount we spend on advertising, creating social media pages is more than enough to advertise our business in online.

The use of magento and its extensions for socail media is becoming more and more.We can easily have a customer follow up online through social media.

If you are a business driven by e-commerce, social media is very hard to ignore.

Social media impacts business


If I say online shopping or ecommerce then the thing which strikes my mind is “Facebook.” I ensure that your ecommerce site is using the right mix of Facebook and Twitter efforts to attract and retain customers. Using tools such as Google +1, and Facebook “likes” they are able to see products that their friends have previously purchases, and immediately find out whether or not that product was well received by them.

Thus Social media creates an impact on our business.Ecommerce social media marketing helps you engage with current and potential customers to encourage future purchases and establish loyalty. The number of “likes” and “social media sharing” proves the quality of your business and products.

The most effective way to develop the business is, that the owners should carry on with their social media efforts by posting regularly and responding to fans and followers. This gives you consistent followers for your page as well as growth for your business.

Magento extensions integrate ecommerce & socialmedia

There are “n” number of magento extensions are available in online for social media purpose.Magento extensions for facebook are very simple and easy to use. Here i have listed you few magento extensions that we can use for our ecommerce websites. Magento face book App,Facebook comments, Social login, Facebook Social, Facebook Store pro and many more. A cost-effective and quickest way to drive your sales enormously is by promoting your products via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Facebook is the one which plays a vital role in social media activities.Marketing through facebook is more preferable when compared to other social medias.Magento extensions add great value to stores because the offer a way for store owners to add creative and functional facilities to benefit store and its users. In some cases the Magento extensions themselves serve to address the entire fundamental purpose of the store.

As i stated earlier huge number of magento extensions are available for facebook.The Magento Facebook app allows you to integrate social shopping via Facebook. This Magento Facebook store extension enables your customers to shop your product catalog that is available on your magento store through Facebook profile.

The Magento Facebook extension helps in converting the new users to registered users automatically, thus every new visitor on your magento store is changed to active customers by default facebook login. Like wise many extensions are readily accessable in online for our eCommerce sites.


It won’t be tough for us for finding the best magento extensions app to enrich our business in the eCommerce world.I sure in future these extensions in magento is going to play a vital role in flourishing your e-commerce business.However, think wide to find the way for building and promoting your e-commerce website.

In order to bloom your business in online world, act smart and advance in picking the right platform.I hope these magento Facebook extensions will help you in promoting your busines in online.

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