Tips on Extending Your iOS 6 Battery Life


Recently, Apple has released the latest version of iOS, known as iOS 6. But, many complaints related to battery life have already been encountered. Most of the iDevice owners are asking for tips on extending the life of their lithium-ion cell. However, there are lots of ways to squeeze out maximum battery backup per recharge.


Tip 1: Reduce the screen brightness

The level of screen brightness is one of the major factors to affect battery life. You can drop the brightness of your screen for improving the battery life. When you update your iPhone from iOS 5 to iOS 6, Apple jacks up the screen brightness to a gratuitous supernova level. If you are not outdoors in bright sunshine, keep the screen of your iPhone pretty dim. You can go to “Settings > Brightness and Wallpaper” to reduce the screen brightness.

Tip 2: Screen Auto-Lock

The screen should be locked automatically after a short interval, when the device is not in use. This conserves battery life, because the screen goes off with screen lock. The auto-lock should be set to a minute or two according to your preference. The auto-lock feature not only improves the battery life, but also prevents the intruders from spying into your device. You can set the screen auto-lock feature by going to “Settings > General > Auto-Lock”.

Tip 3: Kill background applications

Some of the apps (such as GPS enabled apps) consume the battery even when your iPhone does nothing. You should often shut down the background apps to avoid the battery drainage. You can kill background apps by tapping the Home button twice, which brings up the multitasking bar. Then, you have to press-and-hold an app. The apps will jiggle and the close icon will come out. Then, you have to tap all the app icons for closing the apps. Finally, you have to hit the Home button and everything comes back to normal.

Tip 4: Update the applications

The battery life of iOS 6 can be improved by updating the apps. If you are using an older version of the app, it may not work efficiently with the new iOS 6. You need to update your apps regularly. To update your apps, go to “App Store > Menu > Update > Update All”.

Tip 5: Selectively turn the radios on/off

The radios including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G consume a great amount of battery. If you do not need any of these, simply turn them off. You can turn off Wi-Fi by going to “Settings > Wi-Fi”. If you don’t need to find out new networks, you should disable “Ask to join Networks”. To turn off the Bluetooth, you have go to “Settings > Bluetooth”.

Tip 6: Notifications

Apple has brought a revamped notifications feature with iOS 6. The enhanced Notification Center offers a better overview of the happenings, but at the cost of larger battery consumption. You can do two things to deal with this issue. Firstly, you can disable the notification for insignificant apps. For this, you have to click on each app and switch off the Notification Center. Secondly, you have to control the visibility of apps on locked screen. For this, you have to switch off the “View in Lock Screen”.

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